Nike Golf Has Something To Talk About

I’m still hanging out in Portland, Oregon on a Canadian media trip to have a look at the Nike headquarters and their OVEN West golf ball R&D facility.

Today will be filled with a Nike campus tour (we got a glimpse yesterday – impressive to see what a 23 Billion dollar company calls home), and presentations from key Nike personnel.

Yesterday our group took our rusty Canadian winter swings to Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club and were able to put the brand new Nike Golf 20XI golf ball into play – making us the first non-player group to play the final version on the ball.  I enjoyed a foursome that included Rick Young and Bob Weeks of ScoreGolf and had the pleasure of having Mike Pai, Director, Global Ball & Bag Business for Nike Golf as a cart-mate.

I won’t go into a full review on the ball because I would like to have some more time to hit a variety of shots in different conditions (yesterday found us trampling rain -soaked grounds) but I can say with conviction that Nike Golf really does have a good story, and product with this ball.

In 2000 when they jumped to the lead in solid-core ball technology they might not have beat their chest about that accomplishment but this project will be something they really will want to talk about in a big way.

It may have taken four years to develop but it seems to have been worth the wait.

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