One To Go

I am experiencing a strange sense of both elation and exhaustion as I tend to this Blog for the first time in a few days.

As many of my friends and some of our readers are aware I am down at PGA Tour Qualifying school this week.

I am here for basically one reason – not as a golf writer but to support a young man from my hometown that I have known since his was 10 years old in his quest to play the PGA Tour.

Matt McQuillan is 29 now and it has been an arduous journey for him to get where he is at this point in his career.

Nine years after he turned professional Matt has put himself in a great position heading into the final round of Q-School; he is tied for 16th in a test of golf where the top 75 players will move on to at least the Nationwide Tour.

That said, I am proud of how he is dealing with this week.  Clearly, to him, nothing matters more than the next shot and results mean little until all 108 holes are over with.

Coming up the ranks on at least 8 different mini-tours and even taking extensive time off for lack of funds (he spent a good stretch of that serving Pizza), 13 rounds into the 2010 Q-School McQuillan has proven he has the talent and ability to compete with some of the best players in the world.

We all don’t know how tomorrow will turn out at Q-School but I am happy to be here and see with my own eyes that Matt is fixed on only one thing – hitting the next shot as well as he can, letting the result be what it is.  He knows he is powerless to do much else.

As I walk the fairways tomorrow along with Matt’s family, I’m sure our range of emotions will be unfathomable.

But no matter the outcome I can proudly say that the little boy that once struggled to hit the ball 180 yards is finally getting some reward for all his hard work, emotional and financial struggles, and perseverance through circumstances that would have made most people give up their dream long ago.

As a golf journalist it is story I simply love to write about but as a friend and supporter I cherish it just that much more.

One more round Matty…one more round between you and your lifelong dream.

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