Ottawa Amateur Golf Championship Down But Is It Out?

One thing we know for certain, the Ottawa Citizen will not be the title sponsor for an Ottawa City Amateur Golf Championship any longer.  Their eleven year run is over.  A letter sent out to past competitors on Tuesday, March 6th confirmed the details of our story from February 23rd when we revealed that the the media outlet was backing away from support of the tournament as it was not in line with their current business plans.

The letter on Tuesday from Eric Kalbfleisch, Advertising Manager for the Ottawa Citizen, simply thanked the competitors for their support and allowed Director of Tournament Operations, John McConachie to also pass on his final remarks regarding the tournament he headed since the very start.

“My association with the OCAGC over the past 11 years has been a truly positive experience which I will always treasure,” says John McConachie, Director, Tournament Operations.

“I am grateful to the founders who had the confidence to hire me, the Corporate Partners who tangibly supported the concept, the Citizen staff who provided all of the necessary and vital administrative support, the technical officials whose competence guaranteed smoothly functioning rounds on-course, the volunteer staff, registrars, starters, scorers who were the face of the event, for their commitment and professionalism, the staff at the respective host courses for their hospitality and assistance.”

“And last but not least, the golfers whose participation ensured that we were able to stage an event that was commensurate with their abilities and allowed us to build a reputation as the Premier golf tournament in the greater Ottawa/Seaway Valley region.”

“Most of all though, I will treasure the friendships that were the obvious benefits of associating with all of those dedicated people who formed the OCAGC family,” added Mr. McConachie.

The question now remains – is this championship, or an equivalent, off the table?  Or does this leave room for a replacement?  That said, with so many tournaments in the region already, including the highly regarded OVGA City & District Championship; is it even necessary?

From what we can tell there might be a few parties starting the due diligence to see what exactly might be feasible.  Whether it is an actual continuation of what was the Ottawa Citizen Amateur Championship will also depend on the trophy owners and if they are willing to cede the rights to the event to another group.

I’m sure it won’t be long to see how it all plays out.

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