Ottawa-Gatineau Slammer Tour Rankings

The updated rankings for the Ottawa-Gatineau Slammer Tour are in.  This is the update to September 26, 2010.

Craig Domville continues to sit in top spot on the rankings.  He has now fought off the contenders for his title in 31 straight matches.  Will this continue to be a battle for 2nd or will somebody step up and be the hero?

Slammer Tour Rankings Presented by Combat Hockey

1 Craig Domville
2 Jerry Stewart
3 Bob Irvine
4 Norm Bissell
5 David McBain
6 Terry Kuzma
7 Andrew Miles
8 Andrew Rajhathy
9 Steve Ryan
10 Ben McGovern
11 Terry Lauzon
12 Paul Davey
13 Bob Pepin
14 Mike Therien
15 Karl Parks
16 David Last
17 Dave Ibit
18 Kevin Baldelli
19 Greg McComb
20 Brian Elliott
21 JP Sauve
22 Stan Horton
23 Gabriel Louli
24 Marcel Desilets
25 Bob Cousineau
26 James Banks
27 Michel Denis
28 Alex Kunadze
29 Michael Muise
30 Stephen Day
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