Rideau View Wins Their 14th OVGA Intersectional Men’s “A” Division Title

Men's OVGA A Intersectionals winning team from Rideau View (Photo: Joe McLean, Flagstick)
Division A - Rideau View
Division A – Rideau View

The Ottawa Valley Golf Association (OVGA) ran their 2016 Men’s Intersectional competition sponsored by Golf-O-Max throughout the Ottawa Valley today with 16 OVGA Member Clubs hosting four-team Intersectional divisions.

This is the largest single day team competition played on one day and if each Club fielded their 10-man team plus 2 alternates, then 768 club members would be playing for their assorted golf clubs. This number of players does not factor in the hundreds of other club members who have competed in qualifiers just to make their Club Team.

The goal on the day of the OVGA Intersectional Competition is for Clubs to win their division and eventually move up to “A” Division. Finishing fourth in a division means moving back to the next lowest division. Clubs can only host for two consecutive years and then the runner-up hosts the following year. As many Clubs can attest, it’s a long climb to the top and even when the top division is reached, there is no guarantee of a win or even staying there.

Since the formation of the Ottawa Valley Golf Association in 1981, only five Golf Clubs have won The Flagstick Cup donated by Jeff Bauder, Publisher of Flagstick Golf Magazine. The current champion is the Rideau View Golf Club and they have won the division 14 times. The Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club hosted the 2016 “A” Division after Rideau View had won in 2014 & 2015 and The Hunt was runner-up last year. Rivermead Golf Club has won the division 10 times, the latest being in 2001. The 4th Club in “A” Division this year and their first time was the Greyhawk Golf Club.

The two other Clubs who have won the “A” Division are Outaouais (3) and Royal Ottawa (2).

The final result in Division “A” of the 2016 OVGA Men’s Intersectionals was Rideau View (36), Rivermead (32), Ottawa Hunt (27) and Greyhawk (25). If the numbers look close, imagine how the teams felt coming down to the wire. It was anybody’s trophy to win until the last few groups posted their numbers.

With 6 of their 10 players in the clubhouse, Rideau View was in last place and then their last 4 players brought in three maximum scores of 6 and 1 score of 4.

Six point winners in “A” Division were Rideau View’s Brock Gibson, Justin de Vroome, Griffin Jones and Tim Sullivan; Ottawa Hunt’s Brent Rebus; Rivermead’s Larry Morin, Nikolai Tolstoy and Maxime Marengere and Greyhawk’s Brian Elliott.

The remaining members of the Championship Team from Rideau View were Paul Spare, Jamie Aldrich, Curtis Aldrich, Michael Farquharson, Mark Mackay, Brett Merriman and Chris Collins. They took home the OVGA “A” Division Intersectional Trophy sponsored by GOLFOMAX and donated by Jeff Bauder, Publisher of Flagstick Golf Magazine.

Rideau View Captain was almost speechless on his team’s win at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club, but he did force out the following words – “There’s a lot of Rideau View players and members here who are a little shocked. We were in last place with four players left and they came in with 6, 6, 6 and 4 points for the win. It was a bit of a shock. It was nice to win on a new course to us after the two year renovations at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club. There were three teams that had no idea what this Course was like. One thing I can say is that when Rideau View comes to play – egads lad, we do tend to turn it on a bit.”

In 2017, Rideau View will host Rivermead, Ottawa Hunt & Golf and Camelot who won the “B” Division on their home course. Greyhawk will travel to Prescott who will host Division B next year.

Congratulations to all OVGA Intersectional competitors, their caddies and wins and all those who attempted to qualify for spots on their Club’s teams.

This story will be updated with full results once they are all available from the OVGA as well as additional images of Division winning teams if they are submitted.

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JULY 10, 2016 – 10 JUILLET, 2016
Sponsored by / commandité par: GOLFOMAX
SECTION / DIVISION (H) = host club/club d’acceuil
A Position Points
Rideau View 1 36
Rivermead 2 32
Ottawa Hunt (H) 3 27
GreyHawk 4 25
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Rideau View Brock Gibson, Justin deVroome, Griffin Jones, Tim Sullivan
Rivermead Larry Morin, Nikolai Tolstoy, Maxime Marengère
Ottawa Hunt (H) Brent Rebus
GreyHawk Brian Elliott
B Position Points
Camelot (H) 1 46
Prescott 2 40
Carleton 3 18
Sand Point 4 16
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Camelot (H) Scott Ray, Dan Tenaschuk, Taylor Collins, Robert Mustard
Prescott Riley O’Brien, Shawn Patterson
Carleton NA
Sand Point NA
C Position Points
Kanata 1 34
Pembroke 2 32
Mississippi (H) 3 32
Smiths Falls 4 22
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Kanata Steve Houle, Éric Lake
Pembroke Sean O’Malley
Mississippi (H) Jordan Maheral, Ken Zubricki, Matt Sterling
Smiths Falls Nathan O’Neil
D Position Points
Tecumseh (H) 1 38 Winner by 2nd tiebreaker
Royal Ottawa 2 38
Outaouais 3 32
Renfrew 4 12
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Tecumseh (H) Marc Boivin, Benoît Cyr, Yan Hébert
Royal Ottawa Hugo Laplante, Danny Baldwin,Mike Odell, Brendan Kuffner
Outaouais Paul Bruler, Yvan Davidson
Renfrew NA
E Position Points
Hylands 1 42
Perth 2 29
Greensmere (H) 3 27
Pakenham 4 22
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Hylands Kevin Robson, Craig Nooyen, Jason Allen,
Perth Taylor Haughian, Hayden Richmond
Greensmere (H) Lyle Alexander
Pakenham Mike Kelly
F Position Points
Hautes Plaines 1 44
Buckingham 2 27
Madawaska 3 26
Cedarhill (H) 4 23
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Hautes Plaines Garrett Flick; Stephane Recine; Sabastien Cote; John Van Den Hanenberg; Ghislain Duguay;
Buckingham Robert Sauve
Madawaska Dan McCaskall; Jon Freda
Cedarhill (H) Bob Austin
G Position Points
Deep River (H) 1 42
Algonquin 2 38
Kingsway 3 27
Mountain Creek 4 13
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Deep River (H) Éric Senohrabek, Sean Henson, Jeremy Stewart, Bryan Simpson
Algonquin Charles Maurice, Claude Daprato
Kingsway Jean-François Dagenais, Pierre-Luc Caron
Mountain Creek Éric Cormier
H Position Points
Eagle Creek 1 55
Glengarry (H) 2 30
Hammond 3 20
Mont Cascades 4 15
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Eagle Creek Dustin Payne, Merv Clost, Lance Lockett, Drew Edmunds, Cam McWade, Pat Goodhue, Kyle Koski
Glengarry (H) Marc Fajertag
Hammond NA
Mont Cascades NA
l Position Points
Glen Mar 1 48
Upper Canada (H) 2 29
Metcalfe 3 22
Cedar Glen 4 21
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Glen Mar Steve Moore, Bill Coulter, Terry Pitt, Alan Mack, Derek Cantley, Brandon St. Louis, Allen McGee
Upper Canada (H) Allen McNairn, Ray Lalonde
Metcalfe NA
Cedar Glen Rick Barkley
J Position Points
Brockville 1 45
Petawawa 2 35
Canadian (H) 3 25
Iroquois 4 15
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Brockville Jayson Brown, Ray Lumsden, Mark Peacock, Mike Paquette
Petawawa Rod Gallant, Todd Bursey, Kyle Hiltz
Canadian (H) Mark Seabrook, Kevin Stone
Iroquois NA
K Position Points
Dragonfly 1 47
Nationview (H) 2 40
Lombard Glen 3 27
Roanoke 4 6
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Dragonfly Mike Riopelle, Pat Neville, Kris Barrie,Jesse Riopelle, Chris McClure, Jonah O,Connor
Nationview (H) Larry Gorton, Ron Chisolm, Pierre Seguin
Lombard Glen Travis Coughlin
Roanoke NA
L Position Points
Falcon Ridge 1 46 Winner by tiebreaker
Whitetail (H) 2 46
Oaks of Cobden 2 24
Champions Nest 4 4
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Falcon Ridge Brian Guzzo, Dave Turnbull, Rick Lefevre, Ryan Spratt
Whitetail (H) Jamie Anderson, Bruce Kuehl, Dave Parkes, Kevin Valiquette
Oaks of Cobden Rick Buttle
Champions Nest NA
M Position Points
eQuinelle 1 40
Mont Ste Marie (H) 2 38
Stonebridge 3 28
Larrimac 4 14
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
eQuinelle Logan Henry, Marc Ethier
Mont Ste Marie (H) Luc Désormeaux, Roch Vaillancourt, Gérald Garneau, Stan Hogan
Stonebridge Matteo Scapilatti
Larrimac NA
N Position Points
The Meadows 1 51
Morrisburg (H) 2 28
Pine View 3 25
Manderley 4 16
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
The Meadows John Albert, Robert Anderson, Norm Hotte, Jeff Massier, Jonathan Stairs, Robert Irvine
Morrisburg (H) Brian McNairn, Lance Lepage
Pine View NA
Manderley Wenqin Shao
O Position Points
Casselview (H) 1 44
Club EG 2 29
Summerheights 3 24
Homestead 4 23
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Casselview (H) Alain Thibault, Carl Beaulieu, Jacob Séguin, Chuck Boyer, Todd Pearson, Damien Morin
Club EG NA
Summerheights Greg Plumadore, Steve Nezan
Homestead Thomas Yanfernoll
P Position Points
Vieux Moulins 1 47
Gatineau (H) 2 29
Heritage 3 27
Calabogie 4 17
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Vieux Moulins Alex Ladouceur, Pierre Hammel, Luc Cote, Louis Geauvreaux, Phil Rebus, Moe Proulx
Gatineau (H) NA
Heritage Andre Sauve
Calabogie Ray Holder
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