Ottawa Hunt Club Team Win OVGA Senior Men’s Intersectionals

Hunt Club winning team, 2018 OVGA Senior Men's Intersectionals. (Photo: Joe McLean)

Unlike the regular men’s intersectionals of the OVGA which have been contested since 1934, the senior men’s intersectionals originated in 1990 and since that time only four Ottawa Valley Golf Association Member Clubs have won the trophy awarded in the “A” Division.

Rivermead leads the way with 15 titles followed by Ottawa Hunt and Hylands with five wins and Outaouais (now Rockland Golf Club) with four wins.

There have been many winning streaks along the way and the latest was the Rivermead Senior Men’s Team with four consecutive wins and this year playing on their home course, they fully expected the streak to continue.

But that didn’t happen.

The Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club Senior Men’s team moved up from “B” Division last year into the “A” Division. Earlier in the year in the “A” Division of the OVGA Regular Intersectionals, the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club Team stopped a four year winning streak by Rideau View.

In the end, it was close and with two groups remaining on the course Rivermead sat at 29 points and Ottawa Hunt & Golf at 30. Then Brent Rebus and Peter Harrison both registered the maximum 6 points and it was over.

The John Holzman Trophy was awarded to the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club after an 8 year absence.

The final standings were Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club (42); Rivermead (33); Kanata (25) and Hylands (19). The Rideau View Senior team was victorious at Camelot in “B” Division and in 2019 will play at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club with Rivermead and Kanata. Hylands will join Rockland and the “C” Division winner at Camelot in 2019.

The maximum 6 pointers in the “A” Intersectional were scored by Rivermead’s Robert Fugere and Allan Sutton; Hyland’s Bill Clarke and Ottawa Hunt’s Tom Reaume, Mike Ritchie and the previously mentioned Brent Rebus and Peter Harrison.

Members of the winning Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club Championship Senior Team were Greg Clarke, Mike Gerrior, Peter Harrison, Bill Holmes, Ron Jack, Fred Kemper, Ron Milligan, Tom Reaume, Brent Rebus, Mike Ritchie, Dave Shoobert and Lawrence Weinstein.

Congratulations to the players and their caddies not only at the “A” Division of the OVGA Intersectionals but also to all those who played or caddied in all Divisions and also those who tried out for their teams at local clubs.

Full Results

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September 4, 2018 – le 4 septembre, 2018
SECTION / DIVISION   (H) = host / hôte
A Position Points
Ottawa Hunt 1 42
Rivermead (H) 2 33
Kanata 3 26
Hylands 4 19
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Ottawa Hunt Tom Réaume, Mike Ritchie, Brent Rebus, Peter Harrison
Rivermead (H) Robert Fugère, Allan Scott
Kanata NA
Hylands NA
B Position Points
Rideau View 1 42
Camelot (H) 2 41
Rockland 3 19
Carleton 4 18
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Rideau View Grant Skinner, Dave Reznick, Mike Clist, John Radmore, Ed Pinsent
Camelot (H) Bob Ethier
Rockland NA
Carleton NA
C Position Points
Royal Ottawa (H) 1 39
Buckingham 2 28
Renfrew 3 27
Mississippi 4 26
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Royal Ottawa (H) Graham MacMillan, Ron Batt
Buckingham NA
Renfrew Steve Mulvihill, Larry Vice
Mississippi Sparky Gilbeau
D Position Points
Sand Point (H) 1 44
Greensmere 2 28
Cedarhill 3 27
Tecumseh 4 21
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Sand Point (H) Don Robertson, Garth Rogers, Rob McIntosh, Paul Kelly, Dave Girard.
Greensmere NA
Cedarhill NA
Tecumseh Frank Piché, Martin St. Denis.
E Position Points
GreyHawk (H) 1 48
Brockville 2 43
Prescott 3 24
Pakenham 4 5
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
GreyHawk (H) Geoff Beament, Mike Hopkins, Chris Joly, Ken Clark
Brockville Ray Lumsden, Klyde Brayton, Mike Paquette
Prescott NA
Pakenham NA
F Position Points
Upper Canada (H) 1 38
Hammond 2 34
Smiths Falls 3 28
Pembroke 4 20
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Upper Canada (H) Chico Ouellette, Bob Mann, Dave Salmon.
Hammond Rob Valiquette, André Serrurier
Smiths Falls Ron Dolinki
Pembroke NA
G Position Points
Madawaska (H) 1 47
Hautes Plaines 2 31
Kingsway 3 27
Perth 4 15
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Madawaska (H) Ray Kulchyski, Ken Borg, Gary Grainger, Perry Freda
Hautes Plaines Marcel Derry, Ghislain Duguay.
Kingsway Luc Guerin
Perth NA
H Position Points
Algonquin (H) 1 53
Mont Cascades 2 28
Glengarry 3 23
Stittsville 4 16
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Algonquin (H) Gérard Desjardins, André Carle, Pierre Laramée, Charles Maurice, Guy Pinsonneault, Jacques Gorman
Mont Cascades J. Marc Danis
Glengarry Bill Shields
Stittsville NA
l Position Points
Mountain Creek 1 48
Nationview (H) 2 39
Vieux Moulins 3 25
Deep River 4 8
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Mountain Creek D. Tessier, G. Wilson, P. Petrie
Nationview (H) Jim Uchiyama, J.M. Dione, Randy Rockburn
Vieux Moulins R. St. Denis
Deep River NA
J Position Points
eQuinelle 1 55
Whitetail (H) 2 34
Metcalfe 3 25
Lombard Glen 4 6
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
eQuinelle Dick Pettes, Mike Lalonde, Ron McLean, John Simpson, Steve Molaski, Ian Blacklock, Randy Wood, Mark Payment, Richard Demers
Whitetail (H) Kevin Valiquette
Metcalfe NA
Lombard Glen NA
K Position Points
Lac Ste Marie 1 42
Cedar Glen 2 29
Larrimac (H) 3 27
Amberwood 4 22
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Lac Ste Marie Ray Labonté, Réjean Hardy, Paul Rollin, Stan Hogan
Cedar Glen Darrell Shelp, Larry Harper, Rick Barkley
Larrimac (H) Tom Greenberg
Amberwood Brad McConnell
L Position Points
Eagle Creek 1 34
Falcon Ridge (H) 2 22
Oaks of Cobden 3 4
Total 60
4 point winners / gagnants de 4 points:
Eagle Creek Tom Thompson, Pat Stoqua, Rick Cloutier, Randy Fix, Richard Young, John Ackehurst
Falcon Ridge (H) Dave Turnbull, Jerry Stewart
Oaks of Cobden NA
M Position Points
The Meadows (H) 1 53
Canadian 2 32
Heritage 3 21
Morrisburg 4 14
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
The Meadows (H) Pierre Page, Bob Anderson, Brian Brown, Andre Lepine, John Albert, Ron Flanagan, Bob Irvine
Canadian Ian Treherne
Heritage Rick Lunny
Morrisburg NA
N Position Points
Pine View (H) 1 42
Stonebridge 2 37
Calabogie 3 23
Summerheights 4 18
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Pine View (H) J. Collin, B. Doucette, D. Dore, T. Fleming
Stonebridge G. Kennedy, O. Kelly,
Calabogie A. Lapointe
Summerheights NA
O Position Points
Gatineau (H) 1 37
Club EG 2 22
Roanoke 3 1
Total 60
4 point winners / gagnants de 4 points:
Gatineau (H) Bob Hanna, Terry Nauss, Brian Trusler, Jacques Dupéré, Luc Côté, Dan Laflèche, Luc Larose, Louis Garneau
Club EG Brian Kebic
Roanoke NA
P Position Points
Homestead (H) 1 33
Champlain 2 14
Crooked Creek 3 13
Total 60
4 point winners / gagnants de 4 points:
Homestead (H) Dave Shulist, Eugene Bloskie, Eugene Sernoskie, Bruce Sullivan, Dave Leslie, Russ Linton
Champlain Carroll Touin, Darren McCartney,
Crooked Creek Chris Brouwer
Q Position Points
Manderley 1 41
Dragonfly (H) 2 35
Petawawa 3 32
Casselview 4 12
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Manderley Mark Zbitnew, Keith Cooper, Jim Gault
Dragonfly (H) Chris O’Brien, Ben Treidlinger
Petawawa Henrik Anderson, Bob McKeough
Casselview NA


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