Ottawa Hunt Wins OVGA Intersectionals Flagstick Cup

The winning Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club team at the 2012 OVGA Men's Intersectionals presented by Flagstick Golf Magazine (Photo: Joe McLean. Flagstick)

There is finally a new team on top of the Ottawa Valley Golf Association Men’s Intersectionals presented by Flagstick Golf Magazine.

The six year reign by the powerhouse squad from Rideau View came to an end on Sunday, July 15th at the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club when the host team came out on top of the matches with 42 points.  It gave them a slim one point margin over the Rivermead Golf Club making it one of the most closely contested A Section finals in some time.

Rideau View was able to tally 31 points while Camelot could only come up with 6 points and will be relegated to the B Section in 2013.

Taking Camelot’s spot in the A Section will be the team from Arnprior Golf Club who won the B Division by a convincing 18 point margin.

The  results of all sections as received so far:

Results from the OVGA Men’s Intersectional Matches sponsored by Flagstick Magazine

Division A at Ottawa Hunt

1st place: Ottawa Hunt Club – 42 points

2nd place: Rivermead – 41 points

3rd place: Rideau View – 31

4th place: Camelot – 6


6 point winners:

T. Moore,             Ottawa Hunt Club

C. Bockstael,                “

J. Cooper,             Rideau View

A. Henderson,               “

B. Beaupré,             Rivermead

R. MacKay,                   “

M. MacKay,                  “

R. Marengère,                “


Division B at Mississippi

1st place: Arnprior – 49 points

2nd place: Smiths Falls – 31 points

3rd place: Mississippi – 30 points

4th place: Outaouais – 10 points


6 point winners

Andrew Courchesne, Mississippi

Ron Dolinki,              Smiths Falls

Ben Allen,                Arnprior

Jason Allen,                  “

Derek McLean,              “

Al McGee,                     “


Division C at Prescott

1st place: Prescott – 43 points

2nd place: Royal Ottawa – 39 points

3rd place: Kanata – 22 points

4th place: Tecumseh – 16 points


6 point winners:

Derrick Lavery,           Prescott

Kevin Byrd,                    “

Claude Labranche,         “

Steve Martineau,            “

Michel Audet,       Tecumseh

Billy Johnson,       Royal Ottawa

Derek Jahnevich,            “

Kevin Saumure,             ”


Division D at Carleton

1st place: GreyHawk – 43 points

2nd place: Hylands – 41 points

3rd place: Carleton – 28 points

4th place: Renfrew – 8 points

6 point winners:

Mark Ffrench,    Carleton

Doug MacDonald, Hylands

Dan Kemp,              “

Tom Fleming,          “

Tom Hossfeld,         “

Paul Ridyard,           “

Ken Watson,     GreyHawk

Darren Campbell,     “

Greg McDonnell,      “


Division E at Thurso

1st place: Pakenham Highlands – 37 points

2nd place: Buckingham – 29 points

3rd place: Pembroke – 28 points

4th place: Thurso – 26 points


6 point winners:

Pierre Mayrand,        Thurso

Robert Desbiens,           “

Normand Marcoux, Buckingham

Yannick Auger,              “

Robin Smith,          Pembroke

Luke Mohns,                 “

Matt O’Connor,              “

Sadler Kubieski, Pakenham Highlands

Larry Lafleur,                 “


Division F at Perth

1st place: Perth – 44 points

2nd place: Les Vieux Moulins – 39 points

3rd place: Kingsway Park – 19 points

4th place: Glengarry – 18 points


6 point winners:

Bob Lake,                 Perth

Trevor Choffe,                 “

Tim Elder,                     “

Dave Peter,                   “

Mike Holt,         Kingsway Park

William Baker,   Glengarry

Daniel deLéséleuc, Vieux Moulins

Luc Coté,                      “

Rick St. Denis,              “

Moe Proulx,                   “


Division G at Cedarhill

1st place: Greensmere – 43 points

2nd place: Cedarhill – 37 points

3rd place: Mountain Creek – 25 points

4th place: Deep River – 15 points


6 point winners:

Martin Wells,          Cedarhill

Steve Isaacs,                 “

Greg Nezan,                  “

Ed Kollesh,       Mountain Creek

Warren Mooney,            “

Lukas Kamps,      Greensmere

Mike Poloni,                  “

Chris Pilon,                   “


Division H at Madawaska

1st place: Madawaska – 39 points

2nd place: Mont Cascades – 37 points

3rd place: Hautes Plaines – 36 points

4th place: Emerald Links – 8 points


6 point winners:

Stewart Scott,       Madawaska

Gary Grainger,               “

John Freda,                   “

John Currie,         Mont Cascades

Jean-Marc Danis,           “

Jim Oakley,          Emerald Links

Thom Panikorn,   Hautes Plaines

Stephane Racine,          “


Division I at Metcalfe

1st place: Hammond – 42 points

2nd place: Metcalfe – 30 points

3rd place: Cedar Glen – 27 points

4th place: Patawawa – 21 points


6 point winners:

Theo Stoppels,         Metcalfe

Larry Couture,          Hammond

Sylvain Robichaud,         “

Sean Power,                  “

Andrew Shannon,           “

Kevin O’Rourke,        Petawawa

Sam Carpentier,             “

Kurtis Barkley,         Cedar Glen

Division J at Upper Canada

1st place: Upper Canada – 40 points

2nd place: Canadian – 38 points

3rd place: Royal Papineau – 23 points

4th place: Copperdale – 19 points


6 point winners:

Corey Gove,           Upper Canada

Lance Lepage,               “

André Normand,    Royal Papineau

John Ebbs,             Copperdale

Joe Fraser,                    “

Lu Jiang,                 Canadian

Ryan Turner,                  “

Jeremy McKenzie,         “


Division K at Glen Mar

1st place: Algonquin – 47 points

2nd place: Nation View – 33 points

3rd place: Glen Mar – 30 points

4th place: Calabogie Highlands – 10 points


6 point winners:

Bill Wiswell,            Glen Mar

Alan Mack,                    “

Troy Hass,                    “

Vincent Courteau,    Algonquin

André Barbe,                 “

Mathieu Monette,           “

Sébastien Constantineau, “

André Maurice,              “

Ryan Woodhouse,         “

Division L at Iroquois

1st place: Eagle Creek – 27 points

2nd place: Iroquois – 27 points

3rd place: Poplar Grove – 6 points

4th place: no team


6 point winners: none


Division M at Lombard Glen

1st place: Roanoke – 46 pts

2nd place: Dragon Fly – 37 pts

3rd place: Lombard Glen – 28 pts

4th place: Larrimac – 9 pts


6 point winners:

Ben Treidlinger,        Dragon Fly

Jonah O’Connor,            “

Mike Warren,            Roanoke

Brady McNish,               “

Ian Lubitz,                     “

Jason Robertson,           “


Division N at Mont Ste. Marie

1st place: Brockville – 54 points

2nd place: Mont Ste. Marie – 24 points

3rd place: Oaks of Cobden – 23 points

4th place: Bearbrook – 19 points


6 point winners: (partial results)

Dale Robertson,        Brockville

Ryan Weatherall, Oaks of Cobden

Roch Vaillancourt, Mont St. Marie


Division O at Morrisburg

1st place: Falcon Ridge – 32 points

2nd place: Morrisburg – 21 points

3rd place: Rideau Glen – 7 points

4th place: Champlain (no team)


6 point winners: none


Division P at Whitetail

1st place: Whitetail – 42 points

2nd place: Stonebridge – 34 points

3rd place: Heritage – 32 points

4th place: Irish Hills – 12 points


6 point winners:

Marty Zomers,          Whitetail

Dave Middlemiss,           “

Mario Gamache,            “

Paul Beauregarde,     Heritage

Mike Hurtubise,             “

Bill Lobban,            Stonebridge

Brett Bisson,                 “

Bruce Brooks,               “


Division Q at Homestead

1st place: Homestead – 42 points

2nd place: eQuinelle – 40 points

3rd place: Manderley – 25 points

4th place: Pineview – 10 points


6 point winners:

Knowlton Roberts,    eQuinelle

Winston Kinnard,           “

Des Madigan,                “

Mike Chevrier,                “

Phil Skebo,            Homestead


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