Ottawa Team Wins Golf Quebec Inter-Regional Championship

2018 Ottawa Valley Golf Association Junior Team (Photo: Golf Quebec)

For the third time the junior team representing the Ottawa Valley Golf Association has won the Golf Quebec Inter-Regional Championship.

The eight-player Ottawa squad (6 boys and 2 girls), who also won the title in 2012 and 2016, was victorious on Sunday at the Lachute Golf Club after two days of competition. This was the 8th playing of the championship designed to have the players aged 16 and under from the 9 regions of the province (8 competed this year) face off against each other in a friendly affair. The Stableford scoring event event is the final leg of the 2018 Provincial Junior Tour presented by Daigneau Eau de Source.

The Ottawa team was made up of Alexander Brisebois and Mathis Rollin (juvenile), Ellis Kinnaird and James Newton (bantam), as well as Ashton Proulx and Yaorui Xu (pee-wee). Chelsea Fracke and Lauren Gervais completed the team in the girls’ division. They were supervised by their Regional Coach, PGA of Canada member Derek MacDonald of The Marshes Golf Club.

“The kids really took to the tournament format,” shared the proud coach who praised the efforts of the team. “They loved the team environment and were very supportive of each other’s role in the 2 different formats (scramble, alternate shot). It was fun to see the emotion and excitement in each of the players for the two days. They were definitely out there playing for each other and it was a pleasure to be a part of.”

In round one on Saturday, Team Ottawa got off to a fast start in the two-person Vegas format.

Alexandre Brisebois and Mathis Rollin led the way in the juvenile boys’ category and gained a second place foothold in the bantam boys’ category.

Turning to alternate shot – stroke play on Sunday the Ottawa team was once again paced by their juvenile boys with the balance of the team also placing highly.

The result was a total of 61 points in total, enough to win the title by seven points over the Montréal-South team who were the defending champions. The Montréal-North team ranked third with 51 points.

Final Leaderboard

Pos Team R1 R2 Total
1 Alexander Brisebois  Ottawa
Mathis Rollin  Ottawa
Ellis Kinnaird  Ottawa
James Newton  Ottawa
Ashton Proulx  Ottawa
Yaorui Xu  Ottawa
Chelsea Fracke  Ottawa
Lauren Gervais  Ottawa
31 30 61
2 Victor Rodrigue-Senécal  Montréal-Sud
Felix Bouchard  Montréal-Sud
Nicolas Julien  Montréal-Sud
Chad Huber  Montréal-Sud
Thomas Lessard  Montréal-Sud
Camille Gagnon  Montréal-Sud
Rosalie Langlois  Montréal-Sud
22 32 54
T3 Alexandre Mercier  Montréal-Nord
Alexandre Gélinas  Montréal-Nord
Christophe Archambault  Montréal-Nord
Daniel-Ange Morency  Montréal-Nord
Emile Lebrun  Montréal-Nord
George Siozos  Montréal-Nord
Laurence Lamer  Montréal-Nord
Eve Marsan  Montréal-Nord
26 25 51
T3 Thomas Beaudoin  Québec
William Boudreault  Québec
Samuel Breton Gagnon  Québec
Matis Lessard  Québec
Olivier Boudreault  Québec
Rafaël Gosselin  Québec
Andreanne Laforest Allard  Québec
Yasmine Qureshi  Québec
25 26 51
5 Mathis Beaulac  Mauricie
Felix-Antoine Levasseur  Mauricie
Jean-Philippe Parr  Mauricie
Mathieu Lafontaine  Mauricie
Jean-christophe Lacasse  Mauricie
Thomas Lemay  Mauricie
Ashley Lafontaine  Mauricie
Maddy Pytura  Mauricie
26 21 47
6 Ulysse Beaupré Ayotte  Abitibi
Théodore Pelchat  Abitibi
Cimon Paradis  Abitibi
Frédéric Potvin  Abitibi
Alec Geoffrion  Abitibi
Antoine Jasmin  Abitibi
Sarah-Maude Martel  Abitibi
Lydia St-Pierre  Abitibi
21 24 45
7 Alexis Clément  Cantons
Felix Gérin  Cantons
Mareck Labbé  Cantons
Vincent Paquette  Cantons
Charles Authier  Cantons
Vincent Laperrière  Cantons
Alicia Hénault  Cantons
Isabelle Romashenko  Cantons
25 17 42
8 William Bouchard  Saguenay/Lac St-Jean
Vincent Lemieux  Saguenay/Lac St-Jean
Matthew Dufour  Saguenay/Lac St-Jean
Anthony Jomphe  Saguenay/Lac St-Jean
Mathias Bouchard  Saguenay/Lac St-Jean
Théo Provencher  Saguenay/Lac St-Jean
Amélie Boutin  Saguenay/Lac St-Jean
Sarah-Maude Lefebvre  Saguenay/Lac St-Jean
11 12 23


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