Ottawa Valley Golf Association (OVGA) Hosts 2018 Annual General Meeting

2018 OVGA Executive

You know that the golf season is close at hand each year when officials of Member Clubs of the Ottawa Valley Golf Association (OVGA) are called to attend the Annual General Meeting.

The Royal Ottawa Golf Club hosted the 2018 Ottawa Valley Golf Association AGM on Saturday, April 21st and representatives from OVGA Member Clubs met to approve minor changes to the By-Laws, listen to committee reports as well as the planned agenda for the 2018 golf season for their Club Members and elect a new Board for the OVGA.

After various OVGA Directors submitted their reports, the conclusion can be drawn that although the OVGA ran a larger than expected deficit in 2017 the Association is still in good shape financially. Recommendations were also made to boost attendance at OVGA Tournaments.

With the departures of tournament director Marc Ffrench and men’s tournament chair Bonnie Wolff from the Board, a void exists and the new Board of the OVGA was meeting later in the day to discuss the situation and come up with a plan to fill the vacant positions.

As always, the Ottawa Valley Golf Association is always looking for volunteers to assist in their various programs. They will also be looking to fill vacant positions on the Board. If you have the time and the interest to help please contact the OVGA.

The following directors making up the 2018 OVGA Board of Directors were elected at the AGM:

President – Gerry Bower, Greensmere

Past President – Alex Pugh, Hylands

Vice-President – Lori Ridgeway, Carleton

Secretary Treasurer – Neil Colbert, Hylands

Handicap & Course Rating Chair – Nelly Van Berlo, eQuinelle

Rules Chair – Blake Wimperis, Madawaska

Player Development Chair – Jim Davidson, Public Player

Communications & Marketing Chair – Jordan Burwash, Public Player

Women’s Tournament Chair – Diane Illingworth, Mississippi

Director At Large – David Ferries, Royal Ottawa

Director At Large – Tom Hossfeld, Hylands

Director At Large – Marg McCornock, Public Player

Director At Large – Bob Bissonnette, Rivermead

OVGA President Gerry Bower Photo: Joe McLean, Flagstick.com)

Gerry Bower, the new OVGA President, introduced Golf Quebec’s President Bob Bissonnette and Golf Quebec’s Executive Director Jean-Pierre Beaulieu who talked about upcoming initiatives and plans for Golf Quebec.

After the meeting was adjourned Flagstick talked with the new OVGA President Gerry Bower and asked him about his goals and objectives for his upcoming term of office.

“As you know I have a lot of time for the OVGA and have been very involved for a number of years. Taking on the role of President is something I thought about for quite a while and I appreciate what all the people involved do on the board.  I have enjoyed my time on the board and helped for some years before getting more involved.  I’ve been very involved in Rules throughout my 6 years as Rules Chairman. We’ve built up a great reputation and we are known for an area with many top qualified (level 4) officials.

I have a few things that I’d like to see accomplished over the next couple of years and basically they are:

·         Getting a succession plan for board members and getting more people involved in the different portfolios;

·         Letting our Member Clubs know more about what it is that the OVGA does;

·         Getting much more participation in our tournaments program;

·         Getting more volunteers involved in all our various activities;

·         Keeping our junior program growing.”

Flagstick wishes the OVGA, its member clubs and players success in their upcoming golf season.