Ottawa Women’s Golf League “GAL” Celebrating 20th Anniversary

GAL Open House 2016 (Photo: Joe McLean)
GAL Open House 2016 (Photo: Joe McLean)
GAL Open House 2016 (Photo: Joe McLean)

Flagstick.com recently caught up with GAL – Golf Leagues For Women President Marie Seabrook while her captains were assisting her in setting up for their 20th Annual Open House for new members. It was held at the Centurion Centre in Ottawa.

GAL Golf Leagues for Women was established in 1996 and has grown quickly to become a strong presence in the national capital region. The organization has grown from a simple weekly foursome round of golf to become a network of more than 500 women with all ranges of skill level, teeing-off at 26 different league sites and 14 golf courses across the national capital region.

When asked how quickly the years have gone by, Marie enthusiastically responded – “Oh my goodness, it seems like it was yesterday. We’ve grown and grown and grown and we just keep refining our product and we keep tweaking where the leagues should be added and what kind of league, whether it’s pay for play or express pay. We offer our players a lot of value for their membership.”

Seabrook gives much credit to those who have been there right from the start. “I was looking in my database and I have people who joined in 1996 and are still with GAL,” she shared. “My captains are awesome. I look at the support I have from my captains, many who have been with me a long, long time. They help out with events like this and as well look after their sites every week.”

With  special anniversary upon them the President is looking ahead to another busy season. “As for special events during the year, we have our season opening dinner and we’re going to have a big party. No speakers, just a big party. We’ve also got our end of year tournament where we’re supporting Habitat for Humanity once again. Last year our GAL Captains rolled up their sleeves and did a great job building a home in Orleans for Habitat For Humanity Women Build. GAL – Golf Leagues For Women is all about the ‘F’ words – Friendships, Fun, Fitness, Food and Fashion and I encourage women golfers to come play with us.”

Judging by the enthusiasm generated at their 20th Annual Open House, it is evident that GAL golfers in the Ottawa area are in good hands. Whether they are beginners, advanced beginners, intermediates or advanced golfers, GAL has a golf league for them with a format to suit their needs.

The future looks good for the group as they begin their third decade providing access to golf leagues for women where friendships grow and golfers thrive.

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