OVGA Senior Ladies Intersectional Title Won by Carleton

Carleton Members in Team Picture – left to right: Bonnie Wolff, Brenda Pilon, Deb Bradley, Donnie Dineen (Captain), Daphne Wightman, Nancy Gerritse, Yinka Aiyede, Judy Taylor and Nancy Horne.

The Carleton Golf & Yacht Club Ladies Senior Intersectional team were the winners in “A” Division of the Ottawa Valley Golf Association Senior Ladies Intersectionals sponsored by Flagstick Golf Magazine at Rivermead Golf Club. Carleton finished with 30 points, three ahead of Rivermead with Camelot in third with twenty and Arnprior fourth with seven points. In 2013, Carleton will host “A” Division and Arnprior will drop down to “B” Division.

Carleton players had a few tears in their eyes when Carleton Captain Donnie Dineen asked Deb Bradley to assist her in receiving the “Brenda Buck Memorial Trophy”, named in honour of Deb’s sister. Brenda was a competitive player who was highly respected in the golf community and who sadly lost a long battle with cancer several years ago.

Players winning the maximum 6 points in match play competition were Carol Bream, Lise Plouffe-Hunter and Louise Hotte from Rivermead, Sandra Clark from Camelot and Nancy Horne from Carleton.

Ottawa Valley Golf Association / L’Association de golf de la Vallée de l’Outaouais
Sponsored by / commandité par:
Monday Sept. 17, 2012 / Lundi 17 sept., 2012
A Position Points
Carleton 1 30
Rivermead (Host / hôte) 2 27
Camelot 3 20
Arnprior 4 7
Total 84
6 Points Carleton Rivermead (H) Camelot Arnprior
Nancy Horne Carol Bream Sandra Clark N/A
Lise Plouffe-Hunter
Louise Hotte
B Position Points
Tecumseh 1 31
Brockville (Host / hôte) 2 25
Royal Ottawa 3 17
Rideau View 4 11
Total 84
6 Points Tecumseh Brockville (H) Royal Ottawa Rideau View
Diane Brazeau Teri deLuis Sue Kollar N/A
Danielle Pépin Karen Rothfels
Helen Woodstock
C Position Points
Smiths Falls (Host / hôte) 1 28
Hylands 2 23
Ottawa Hunt 3 17
Kanata 4 16
Total 84
6 Points Smiths Falls (H) Hylands Ottawa Hunt Kanata
Robin Milks Marie-France Blais Betty Kieran N/A
Cathy Burgess Diane Dolan Ruth LeBreton
D Position Points
Outaouais (Host / hôte) 1 28
GreyHawk 2 27
Mississippi 3 25
Buckingham 4 4
Total 84
6 Points Outaouais (H) GreyHawk Mississippi Buckingham
Patricia Branchaud Janet Beverley Colleen Seabrook Estelle Gignac
Nicole Imken Raylene Baker Lila James
Trish Wilson
E Position Points
Hautes Plaines (Host / hôte) 1 35
Madawaska 2 27
Cornwall 3 22
Cedarhill 4 0
Total 84
6 Points Hautes Plaines (H) Madawaska Cornwall Cedarhill
Micheline Racine Hélène Dumont Jean Hall N/A
Gervaise Fortin
Diane Croteau
Kim Mathews
F Position Points
Greensmere 1 28
Prescott 2 22
Mountain Creek (Host / hôte) 3 20
Renfrew 4 14
Total 84
6 Points Greensmere Prescott Mountain Creek (H) Renfrew
Pat Gale Audrey Moore Wendy Tessier N/A
Jill Weitzel Dale Duncan
Sherry Rodenkirch
Mary Shepherd
G Position Points
Pembroke 1 35
Glen Mar (Host / hôte) 2 27
Perth 3 22
Calabogie 4 0
Total 84
6 Points Pembroke Glen Mar (H) Perth Calabogie
Diane Dafoe N/A June Taylor N/A
Jean Hynes
Diane Wood
Sue Roman
H Position Points
Canadian (Host / hôte) 1 38
Metcalfe 2 26
Hammond 3 11
Kingsway 4 9
6 Points Canadian (H) Metcalfe Hammond Kingsway
Corinne Richards Rosemary Poggione N/A N/A
Mary Drummie Joyce Potter
Terry McCormick
Brenda St. Marseille
l Position Points
Algonquin (Host / hôte) 1 36
Irish Hills 2 24
Vieux Moulins 3 18
Deep River 4 6
Total 84
6 points Algonquin (H) Irish Hills Vieux Moulins Deep River
Lise Ryan Pat McKinnon Lyne de Léséleuc N/A
Ruth Ahern Gloria Croucher
Marthe Hilliker
Line Labelle
Carole Letendre
J Position Points
Roanoke (Host / hôte) 1 17
Oaks of Cobden 2 13
Iroquois 3 12
Total 42
4 Points Roanoke (H) Oaks of Cobden Iroquois
Katharine Saunders Carolyn Milford Shirley Belanger
Linda Brazeau
Helen Rossi
Joan Martin
K Position Points
Rideau Glen (Host / hôte) 1 32
Whitetail 2 28
Cedar Glen 3 16
Glengarry 4 8
Total 84
6 Points Rideau Glen (H) Whitetail Cedar Glen Glengarry
Patricia Hayes Sue Melo N/A Lenore Corey
Pearl Quig Bernadette Culhane
Marg McCornock
Dianne Miller
L Position Points
Eagle Creek 1 18
Summerheights 2 14
eQuinelle (Host / hôte) 3 10
Total 42
4 Points Eagle Creek Summerheights eQuinelle (H)
Marion Parisien Irma Tryell Juliette Cyr
Deb Davey Eylane McCrimmon
Carole Redmond
Brenda Fawcett