PGA of Canada – Quebec Zone Wins Bissegger Memorial Cup

Senior golf professionals from the Quebec and Ottawa Zones of the PGA of Canada have competed in a friendly golf competition since 2004 with each zone hosting in alternate years. These professional golfers have known and competed with each other over their working and competitive years and now they play in an annual friendly set of matches to determine the winner of the Jack Bissegger Memorial Cup.

According to many in the Quebec Golf Community Mr. Bissegger,who passed away in 2009, was to Quebec Golf as Jean Béliveau was to Montreal hockey. Mr. Bissegger thoroughly enjoyed these friendly matches and his family was honoured to have the competition trophy named for him.

The fifteenth annual competition was held at the Rideau View Golf Club in Manotick, Ontario on Friday, October 6, 2018 under a sunny sky with temperatures on the chilly side and the golf course, according to all participants, in perfect shape.

At the end of the day, the Quebec Team won for the seventh time in the history of the event with a 9.5 – 8.5 advantage on the day. The Ottawa Team has won five times and there have been three ties.

Players to a man insist that the opportunity to compete in golf matches is fun, but the chance to get together with old friends and talk about old times is what really matters. Judging by the laughter and smiles in the Fallen Oak Pub after the competition the senior competitors accomplished their goals of competition and a renewal of old friendships.

Members of the Ottawa team were Darrel Buchanan, Don Ferne, Bob Flaro, Marc Foucault, Andre Harvey, Dave Kalil, Mike Kennedy, Barry Laphen, Larry McCauley, Paul Sherratt, John Watson and Greg White.

The victorious Quebec team members were Joey Bissegger, Tom Bissegger, Jean Chatelin, Bruce Eaves, Gilles Gareau, Christian Lauzon, Christian Lavoie, Jean-Louis Lemarre, Yves Mandeville, Hocan Ollson, Raymond Richer and Mike Veilleux.


Rideau View Golf Professional Paul Sherratt, who earlier this year announced his retirement as the Club’s Head Professional after 41 years in the position, was honored with a collage of photographs of participants through the years of the Bissegger Cup by Andre Harvey.

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