Poll Indicates Golfers Will Play More At A “Home” Golf Club in 2020

A recent Flagstick.com Twitter poll might give an indication about what golf could look like in the season to come given the Covid-19 pandemic.

Golfers were asked if they were planning to play more of their golf at a “home” course in 2020 rather than at multiple courses.

The respondents voted 65% in favour of this happening versus 21% who said no. The remaining 14% said they were undecided.

In follow-up messages some respondents explained their decisions. One “No” voter said that if all the courses they like to play were open they would enjoy golf at all of them in the season ahead.

Others in the “Yes” camp indicated that they would stick to a single course because they wanted to get familiar with the new operating procedures at a single course, and not have to learn those at others.

We’ll continue to poll on this question as we get closer to golf courses opening in Ontario and Quebec. It may provide some direction for golf facilities and how they need to target their marketing for 2020.