by Paul Aitken, CPGA Professional, Timber Ridge Golf Course

Anyone who plays golf has a friend or knows someone who shows up to the course five minutes before his or her tee time and rushes to the tee.  A majority of the remaining golfers that do not fall into that category go to the range and whack out 75 balls with their driver.  My point is that it is important to practice before you play but only if you are practicing or warming up effectively.

The driver is the toughest club in the bag to hit and using it first could cause injury to your muscles and throw off the rhythm of your swing.  I suggest when you practice, work through your bag.  Start with your wedges and slowly work up to your driver.  By starting with your wedges you will develop feel and rhythm, and just as important give your muscles a chance to loosen up before you start taking bigger swings.

Remember, start with the wedges and slowly work towards your driver when you practice.  You will have better tempo in your swing by the time you get to your driver and your body will be loosened up properly to take those bigger swings.

Good golfing and see you at the course.

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