Presidents Cup Nostalgia

I must confess that the 2009 Presidents Cup is guaranteed to be a disappointment for me. Two years ago, when it was played in Montréal, I spent the entire week on the grounds-in the heart of the action.

I won’t say it was the most exciting golf event I have ever covered but it certainly was a highlight week. How could it not be? I started out by being one of the very first media to register on the Monday and was able to make my initial reports from a very empty media room. With a few of my peers on site and certainly no spectators it made for a great start to the week. When you are part of just a three-person party that are the only followers of Mike Weir (photo) and Retief Goosen (and their caddies) as they hit their very first practice holes it certainly makes for an intimate setting to watch these players prepare.

Just as enjoyable was my chance that afternoon to walk with the five American rookies (photo), their caddies and the official team photographer. That’s it, just the 12 of us for nine holes, getting a perspective like few others will have an opportunity to have.
Although writing about golf is my job, I will never stop simply being a fan.

That part was so much fun that the actual matches were almost a letdown, save for the Weir/Woods showdown of course. I have to show my Canadian bias there.

While I am not in San Francisco this week as I watch I will certainly recall the week that was at Royal Montréal just two years ago. As serious as some people take these matches ultimately they provide an opportunity for professionals that play individually most of the year to have teammates for a week. Behind the scenes the camaraderie is unbelievable and you get to see players as they really are, just people who enjoy playing the game of golf. Just like you and I.

Watching golfers smile, grind, and chuckle as they play in formats that we all play on the weekend at our own clubs just makes them a little more human. I like that and is is what will always attract me to watching the Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup, and certainly, the Presidents Cup as well.

Even if, this time, I can’t be there in person.