Product Watch: Cobra, ECCO, Miura

Cobra KING Forged Tec Irons

With the proliferation of hollow-body design irons, a notable struggle for many golf club manufacturers has been has been creating clubheads that are not excessively bulky. The new KING Forged Tec irons manage to retain more of a look of a traditional muscle-back while blending in features that boost ball speed, launch, and forgiveness. Within the iron cavity the company has infused foam spheres to help fine-tine the acoustics and feel. Also available in a ONE-LENGTH option.


Cobra KING Forged Tec irons

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 3

Danish shoe maker ECCO hits another home run in the women’s golf shoe department with the Biom Hybrid 3. This model blends function, style, and durability. The YAK leather uppers have been a long-time inclusion for ECCO and it makes for a very flexible upper for a continuously solid fit, even in motion. The upper is also enhanced with Gore-Tex to help keep your feet dry,


ECCO Women’s BIOM Hybrid 3

Miura TC-201 Irons

A mention of the Miura brand often provokes the idea of purists and blade irons, but the company has been producing a myriad of designs that suit a wide range of golfers for many years. Among them is their latest effort, the TC-201. In them they successfully match the look at address and exceptional feel of a blade-style iron with the more forgiving characteristics of a cavity back design. Most notable in the look is the seamless transition from the hosel to the top-line.


Miura TC-201 iron

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