Product Watch: Fall 2021 Issue

Callaway Apex UW Utility

Quite often golf club fitters will see players who love the ability to make centred contact with hybrids due to their shorter overall length, bit sometimes struggle with launch conditions and shot shapes. In steps the Callaway APEX UW, that the company says combines the best features of both clubs. It also sports more neutral weighting, eliminating the draw bias often built into many hybrids. The result is an easier to use club with shots that require a high launch and steeper landing angle, providing greater control for long approaches. That also makes it extra useful from the rough where spin often gets negated by the lie, resulting in flatter shots.

Blue Tees S3 Max Rangefinder

It’s rare that I look at packaging as an indicator of product quality, but it is hard to be anything but impressed with the Blue Tees S3 Max Rangefinder and how it arrives. Clean, neat, with a design that is minimal but functional, it screams quality right from the start. There is no disappointment to follow. In the S3 Max there is everything most players would every need in a laser rangefinder starting with reasonable pricing. Ranging for targets in the various modes is fast and accurate with the ability to calculate slope if desired. It also comes in multiple colour options.

Mizuno T-22 Wedges

Long respected for their iron designs and the soft feel of their forging, Mizuno Golf has progressively been pushing into the wedge market. Their latest model, the T-22, is yet another product evolution, serving up a perfect wedge for those wanting a very compact shape from their shortest clubs in the bag. Although they have mass pushed more upward in the head shape than other wedges to provide more consistency in spin from various strike points, the top edge has been bevelled for a thinner appearance. They are available in three finishes: Denim Copper, Satin Chrome, and Raw, in a variety of grinds.

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