Product Watch: Nikon Showcases Latest Rangefinders

There are updated Nikon laser rangefinders finding their way to retail.

The optics giant says the two new models, the COOLSHOT 20 GII and COOLSHOT 20i GII, are compact and offer new ergonomics, improved optics, and increased range over previous models.

Backed by a 5-year warranty, the models offer similar features with the non “i” model lacking the slope calculation to help determine how yardage is affected by elevation. The slope function can be disabled to remain Rules of Golf friendly.

Each of the rangefinders has a 6x magnification monocular for easy viewing and several targeting modes to provide greater accuracy and to help you calculate distances for multiple targets.

The scanning range runs from 6 yards to a maximum of 800 yards with accurate flagstick viewing up to 300 yards.

Both are reasonably priced ($199 and $229 USD) and are water resistant to aid use in inclement weather.

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