Product Watch: TaylorMade Kalea Clubs…2nd Edition

When it comes to buying golf clubs, some players want as much convenience as possible. They may be an “emerging” player or one who plays very little. They simply want an easy solution that likely suits the typical weaknesses that many golfers like them exhibit.

For some women golfers the Kalea set from from TaylorMade will perfectly meet their needs.

The equipment giant recently revealed an updated version of the “package” set – one that that blends in some of the company’s hottest technologies.

Boosting Your Game

The Kalea set offers up 11 clubs targeted at the player who needs a little boost to their game, whether that comes in the form of higher ball flight, a jump to their club and ball speed, or a touch more forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

The design of the set also allows for better gapping between clubs for lower speed players based on the lofts and the club design.

The set includes a 12 degree driver, two fairway woods (17 and 20 degree lofts), two rescue clubs (26 and 30 degree lofts), five irons (7-PW and SW), and a Spider Mini Putter.

The woods and irons are built with ultra-lite, soft, graphite shafts to help the player control the club better and generate more speed.

Also available and complementing the Kalea line is a lightweight 14-way cart bag and headcovers as well as two-piece golf ball model available in white, peach and purple colours.

The set, available in left and right hand, is now available at retail.

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