TaylorMade Trio: Three New P Series Irons On Way

There was a time when golfers automatically linked the TaylorMade brand with metal woods. The Carlsbad behemoth has held a strong position in that market segment for quite some time. In concert with it, golfers choosing their metals increasingly began to add irons to their bags from the brand.

Of late, no iron has been bigger for them than the power play P-790 models. A design that boosts distance but has a traditional look is a popular combo, and their skyrocketing sales has drawn extra eyeballs for them in the iron segment.

Now, the company is adding three more P models to their product line, officially unveiling them today with a look to retail shipping at the beginning of September.

Within the trio, the P•7MB, P•7MC and P•770 irons, just about every golfer is covered, from the elite ball-striker, to the player seeking a refined look with a splash of extra help in the ball speed and launch department.

All that and Canadians will be very happy at this unveiling, each model is available in both right and left hand configurations.

P•770 – Compact Performance

As mentioned, the P•790 was a juggernaut for TaylorMade. The hollow-body designed quickly jumped into bags of players of all skill-levels. At the same time, better players longed for a version with a smaller profile, a thinner topline, and maybe a touch more launch and spin for control in the long irons. They now have their wish in the P•770.

“Designed to deliver P•790-like performance in a smaller package, the all-new P•770 leverages forged hollow body construction to pack as much distance and forgiveness as possible into a compact player’s shape,” says Taylormade’s Matt Bovee, Lead in iron product creation.

Unlike the previous club that carried the same name, this one is pumped up with SpeedFoam and the liberal use of tungsten weighting of up to 46 grams in the 3-7 irons. That’s all in complement to the use of a thin 4140 steel face for a little extra “pop” in ball speeds.

The compact shape also lends itself to blending a set with the two other new irons.

Like its new sister irons, the P•770 will be available for pre-order on August 14 with retail stock showing up on September 4th in Canada. A 7-piece set will run $1,649.00 (CAD).

To The Forge…

For the other duo of new TaylorMade irons, we shift the story to forged products. The company says they use 2000 pounds of forging force to hammer out the heads for the new P•7MC and P•7MB models.

They claim the use of forges with that much pressure makes for heads that need less finishing, for more consistency.

As mentioned earlier, all the new P-Series models are available in left hand, which is a boon for blade players who appreciated the previous P730 model but found out quickly that it was made for right handed players only.

Those golfers can now look to the P•7MB for a very traditional muscle back design, one with even less offset than the 730.

The new model has hallmarks of the prototype irons used by Dustin Johnson, with a super thin topline and a narrow sole.

“The all new P•7MB was designed for the best ball strikers in the world who demand surgical like control and a pure feel at impact. Contemporary aesthetics with a thin topline and slim sole creates a minimalist profile that appeals to the ultimate purist,” notes Bovee.

Those looking at the irons will note a “bump” in the backbar; it indicates the weighting enhanced to shift the centre of gravity in each iron.

Rounding out the new TaylorMade trio is the P•7MC which is bound to attract attention from the widest spectrum of players.

They are an evolution of the previous P•750 models which were/are popular on Tour including with 2020 PGA Champion Collin Morikawa. New shaping has changed the feel of impact, with mass movement to aid that.

“The P•7MC was designed specifically to answer the needs of Tour players,” says TaylorMade’s Bovee. “Every detail on this perimeter weighted classic muscle cavity design has been painstakingly crafted to the highest quality. From the Compact Grain Forging to the cavity geometry designed specifically for a more solid feel. The P•7MC is the perfect combination of performance, feel and shot making with a hint of forgiveness.”

For those who had an affinity for previous RAC TP blades, as well the original P•750 and P•770 models, some of the design touches will look familiar, especially in the back cavity pattern.

Each set will sell for the same price and stock shafts will be from KBS, with many more options through the custom department.

Set blending will be simple with TaylorMade providing a guide for those interested in doing so.

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