Guest Blog w/ Elizabeth Tong: Insights From The Desert

Elizabeth Tong (Photo: Symetra Tour)

(Ed. Note: We’re proud to have Thornhill, Ontario’s Elizabeth Tong share her adventures with us here at Flagstick.com and Ontario Golf News Digest. The 2018 Symetra Tour in underway and the former Golf Canada National Team Member is not only back to the links but back on the keyboard as she Blogs on ETONG Golf.)

Her latest entry:


Hello again! Since I last blogged I have played a total of 1 tournament. 🙂 This year’s schedule doesn’t start off the quickest but it’s about to get going real soon!

Insightful. That’s how I would describe my latest tournament in Beaumont, California. Two insights occurred to me on the course that really got me thinking about the ups and downs of a professional golf career.

1. It’s All About the Long-Term
As a professional golfer, you have to look long-term. When I first turned pro, I created a realistic 5 year plan of what steps and goals I needed to reach to make sure I was efficiently advancing my career. I won’t go into details, but the point is that a long-term success plan takes a “long time” to implement correctly so that it has a lasting impact. (My coach is always telling me this!). So in Beaumont, I had the realization that I finally might be on track to get my long-term planning rolling at a pace greater than 1 km/h.

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You can find Elizabeth on Twitter – @lizabeth_tong 

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