Putting And Distance Control

by Paul Aitken, CPGA Professional

What frustrates me most when playing golf is making a couple of great shots on a hole only to finish it with a 3-putt.  Putting is usually one of the best parts of my game but when I find myself struggling with the flat stick I go back and work on tempo.

Although line is important to make your putt, it is usually your speed that causes the majority of 3-putts.  If you are having trouble controlling your distance, try to think about swinging your putter away from the ball and through the ball using the same tempo.  Quite often I see golfers who swing their putter away from the ball to the same position no matter how long the putt is.  The only way you can get the ball to the hole using this technique is to change the speed on the follow through to match your distance to the hole.  The problem with this technique is that it is very difficult to always match the correct speed of your follow through to the distance you are trying to achieve.

No matter how long your putt is your stroke should be slow with even tempo, with the swing the same length on both sides of the ball.  How you achieve your correct distance is to lengthen your swing.  Putting can become one of the best parts of your game with the right approach.  Using this technique of focusing on tempo and matching your swing length on both sides of the ball will help you get your first putt closer to the hole and therefore improving your odds to walk away with a 2-putt or better.

Good luck and see you on the course.

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