Rideau View Wins 2022 OVGA Men’s “A” Division Intersectionals 

Team Rideau View (Photo: Joe McLean)

by Joe McLean

The intersectional teams from the Ottawa Hunt and Rideau View golf clubs held their annual duel for the “A” Division Championship in the Ottawa Valley Golf Association Intersectionals played at the Rideau View Golf Club on Sunday, July 10th. Strong competition also came from the Royal Ottawa team today.

Since 2002, only Rideau View and the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Clubs have taken home the OVGA “A” Men’s Intersectional Trophy presented by Golf-O-Max. With today’s win, Rideau View stretched their current advantage to fourteen wins while the Ottawa Hunt has six wins in that time.

The Ottawa Hunt team held the lead over Rideau View briefly with their first player in but that was the last lead they would have in head-to-head competition with Rideau View. Don’t get me wrong as the Ottawa Hunt team was hot on the heels of the Rideau View team throughout the afternoon, but they just couldn’t close the gap. Rideau View was announced as the “A” Division OVGA Intersectional Champions by OVGA Representative Alex Pugh and the OVGA Intersectional Trophy was presented by OVGA President and Golf-O-Max sponsor Dru Lafave.

Members of the winning Rideau View Team were Brady Atchison, David Bourada, Chris Collins, Josh Goheen, Mark MacKay, Mike Mallette, Dan Ryan, Caelan Sammy, Skyler Sicoli, Tim Sullivan, Owen Walsh and Darren White.

Flagstick caught up with Rideau View Captain John Radmore and asked him about the win. He responded, “I’m relieved to win today. We have an amazing team but we had three other amazing teams here today. Our membership is overjoyed that we came out on top today.”

Before they joined the other teams for a meal, the rookies on the Rideau View team, including their new professional Roger Beale, continued a long-standing tradition of going for a dip in the pond on the sixth hole. John Radmore assured me that arrangements had been made for visits to a dermatologist if required.

Royal Ottawa finished third in today’s competition in the “A” Division standings and retains their spot in the 2023 “A” Division. Joining Rideau View, Ottawa Hunt and Royal Ottawa in “A” Division next year will be the team from Carleton Golf & Yacht Club that eked out a win over Camelot at Camelot in “B” Division. 

Players winning the maximum 6 points in their matches today were Chris Bockstael, Patrick Goodhue and Brent Rebus from the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club, along with Rideau View members Darren White, Josh Goheen, Mark MacKay, Caelan Sammy and Skyler Sicoli. 

Congratulations also to all of the Rideau View Members who provided live scoring as an upgrade to their Golf Genius program by Paul Sauve from the Club. There was tremendous support for all of the Clubs today at Rideau View.


A compilation of scoring from the various divisions of the Ottawa Valley Golf Association Men’s Intersectionals as the results came in after the July 10 competition around the valley.

Full Results:

2022 Men’s Intersectional Divisions

Division A (Host Rideau View)

Rideau View 44, Ottawa Hunt 37, Royal Ottawa 28, Rivermead 11

Division B (Host Camelot)

Carleton 41, Camelot 38, Prescott 21, Hylands 20

Team Carleton

Division C (Host Tecumseh)

Hautes Plaines, 28, Greyhawk 28 (Tie-Breaker), Tecumseh 28, Pembroke 25

Division D (Host Kanata)

Sand Point 37, Kanata 33, Algonquin 31, Buckingham 19

Division E (Host Eagle Creek)

Eagle Creek 43, Smiths Falls 30, Mississippi 24, Rockland 23

Team Eagle Creek

Division F (Host Stittsville)

Renfrew 38, Brockville 34, Stittsville 30, Perth 18

Division G (Host Deep River)

Deep River 51, Pakenham 33, Madawaska 25, Kingsway 11

Deep River: Team members in photo (L-R) Front. Mike Hogue, Jordie Walsh, Bryan Simpson, Eric Senohrabek, Toban Verdun. Back. Ken Titterington. Pierre Laforce, Brad Payne, Dan Graham, Jason Hogue, Ron Grozelle. Club Pro Drew Calver

Division H (Host Greensmere)

eQuinelle 39, Greensmere 34, Mountain Creek 26, Hammond 21

Division I (Host Petawawa)

Petawawa 43, Canadian 36, Cedarhill 22, Mont Cascades 19

Division J (Host Upper Canada)

Falcon Ridge 42, Cedar Glen 35, Upper Canada 33, Dragonfly 10

Team Falcon Ridge
Division J

Division K (Host Metcalfe)

Casselview 29, Metcalfe 17, Glengarry 12, Stonebridge 0 (no team due to temp closure))

Division L (Host Whitetail)

Whitetail 25, Pine View 19, Meadows 16

Team Whitetail

Division M (Host Manderley)

Gatineau 43, Manderley 31, Lac Ste Marie 30, Heritage 6

Division N (Host Oaks of Cobden)

Iroquois 44, Vieux Moulins 35, Oaks of Cobden 32, Morrisburg 9

Division O (Host Champlain)

Champlain 57, Homestead at Wolf Ridge 27, Larrimac 26, Rideau Glen 10

Division P (Host Lombard Glen)

Lombard Glen 45, Irish Hills 29, Calabogie Highlands 25, Edgewood 21


Past Champions

Province of Quebec (PQGA) – 1934-1947 / Ottawa District Golf Association (ODGA) – 1948-1980
Ottawa Valley Golf Association (OVGA) 1981-Present     
1934ARoyal Ottawa 1963AOttawa Hunt 1993AOutaouais
1935AOH / Riv (tie) 1964AOttawa Hunt 1994ARivermead
1936AChaudiere 1965AChaudiere 1995ARivermead
1937AChaudiere 1966ARoyal Ottawa 1996ARivermead
1938ARoyal Ottawa 1967AOttawa Hunt 1997ARideau View
1939AChaudiere 1968ARivermead 1998ARideau View
1940ARivermead 1969ARivermead 1999ARivermead
1941ARoyal Ottawa 1970ARivermead 2000ARivermead
1942ARoyal Ottawa 1971AChaudiere 2001ARivermead
1943ARoyal Ottawa 1972AOttawa Hunt 2002ARideau View
1944AChaudiere 1973AOttawa Hunt 2003ARideau View
1945ARoyal Ottawa 1974AOttawa Hunt 2004AOttawa Hunt
1946AOttawa Hunt 1975ARivermead 2005AOttawa Hunt
1947ARivermead 1976ARivermead 2006ARideau View
1948ARoyal Ottawa 1977ARivermead 2007ARideau View
1949AChaudiere 1978ACarleton 2008ARideau View
1950ARivermead 1979ARivermead 2009ARideau View
1951ARoyal Ottawa 1980ARivermead 2010ARideau View
1952ARoyal Ottawa 1981ARoyal Ottawa 2011ARideau View
1953ARivermead 1982ARoyal Ottawa 2012AOttawa Hunt
1954AChaudiere / 1983ARoyal Ottawa 2013AOttawa Hunt
  Ottawa Hunt 1984ARivermead 2014ARideau View
1955AOttawa Hunt 1985ARivermead 2015ARideau View
1956AChaudiere 1986ARivermead 2016ARideau View
1957AChaudiere 1987ARivermead 2017ARideau View
1958ARoyal Ottawa 1988ARivermead 2018AOttawa Hunt
1959AChaudiere 1989AOttawa Hunt 2019AOttawa Hunt
1960ARivermead 1990AOutaouais 2020ANO COMPETITIONS
1961ARivermead 1991ARideau View 2021ARideau View 
1962ARivermead 1992AOutaouais    

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