Scribble & Dash

Just a quick few notes tonight as I am just home from a long day in Toronto and have to be up early to finish up a course photo shoot in Ottawa.

Flagstick Publisher Jeff Bauder and I spent almost the entire day with representatives from more than 30 destinations from the United States all focused on outbound Canadian travel. We were more than happy to run into plenty of friends at this DiscoverAmerica event.

We also learned a lot today. It’s no secret that Canadians are the number 1 guests by volume to America but what was surprising to learn was that 45% of the visitors originate from Ontario. Better yet the 3rd most popular activity for these travelers is actually golf!

That said, with the U.S. economy working towards a rebound, as one official said, “the country is still on sale.” Throw in a 92 cent dollar and golf travel to the states is looking pretty good right now.

Next week Jeff and I are heading out to North Carolina to the Sandhills Region and the Raleigh/Durham area. You can expect lots of updates as we travel to gather information for a 2010 Flagstick Golf Magazine feature. Check for updates here and more frequently, at twitter.com/flagstick. We’ll see what we can do about adding some content to our You Tube Channel as well while we are on the road.

Have a Happy Tuesday!