Product Watch: Srixon Unveils New ZX Irons

In their short history, Srixon has gained a foothold in the golf ball business, but the golf club game has, like it is for many, been an uphill battle for market share.

That has nothing to with the product; but a very competitive club market where golfers are very loyal to specific brands.

But it’s an evolving world. Irons from Srixon have progressively earned the trust of custom club fitters and with that side of the business growing at a rapid rate, it has provided a solid entry point for Srixon to gain some ground.

As a result you now don’t have as many golfers asking how to pronounce the name, or even explain the brand itself.

In fact, consumers now anticipate new products from the company, especially in the realm of irons.

As such, the new ZX irons, set to hit North American shops on January 15, 2021, should be well-received.

Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development, SRIXON, explains the upgrades in the new ZX Irons.

“While the new ZX Irons are gorgeous to look down at, it’s the technology inside that’s even more exciting,” said Brunski. “Hotter faces designed using AI optimization delivers more speed. Meanwhile, varying grooves throughout the iron set gives golfers consistent distance control, and forged construction helps them feel incredible at impact.”

Key features that have been borne of two years of research in the irons include “MainFrame” – the monicker for the face design with emphasis on the area the golfer does not see. The backside of the iron faces are milled into variable thickness’ using grooves, channels, and cavities, to encourage specific performance traits. It also helps to maximize the “spring-like effect”, or COR, or the heads for more ball speed.

Srixon’s ZX5 irons combine “ball speed technology” with premium forged feel and delivers all of it in a forgiving yet workable profile that’s razor sharp at address.

Meanwhile, Srixon’s ZX7 irons provide a compact blade shape, slim topline, and narrow sole that delivers the workability, feel, and aesthetics of a world-class players iron.

Both irons offer an updated Tour V.T. Sole that glides smoothly through the turf, progressive grooves to improve consistency, and forged construction from a soft 1020 carbon steel body that absorbs vibrations for an extremely soft feel.

ZX Utility Irons are smaller and more compact than previous generations, delivering a more blade-like address profile that blends seamlessly with any set. ZX Utility Irons deliver Srixon’s MainFrame technology, along with a hollow design and multi-piece construction. All of these powerful technologies come together in a smaller profile, with all the same forgiveness that is expected from a utility iron.

Key Innovations Inside ZX Irons:

  • MainFrame – A milled pattern on the backside of each ZX5 Iron face optimizes COR for more ball speed and more distance on every shot.
  • Tour Cavity – Mass repositioned to ZX7’s sweet spot and perimeter provide a remarkably soft feel at impact and increased workability.
  • Progressive Grooves – Grooves in the 8i through PW on the ZX5 and ZX7 irons are sharper, narrower, and deeper for more spin and stopping power on approach shots into the green.
  • Tour V.T. Sole – V-Shaped soles glide smoothly through the turf, while the ZX5 and ZX7 irons also feature the resurgence of our popular sole notches.


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