Start With The Right Posture

by Chris Schreiber, CPGA Head Professional

The starting position as viewed from behind the golfer or “down the line” is referred to as posture.  Proper posture is essential for consistency as it establishes proper angles between the player, golf club, target, and ball.  Likewise, the feet, knees, hips and shoulders should be aimed along an imaginary line parallel left of the target line (right handed players).  The spine should be reasonably straight so the shoulders and hips can turn properly.  In order to maintain a straight spine angle, you must bend at the hip sockets (not the waist) and push your behind out.  Tucking your behind in will cause the spine to curve.  A curved spine is similar to a wheel turning on a bent axle; it is very inefficient.

The arms and hands should hang directly below the shoulders and the bend at the hips should be greater than the bend in knees.  The tilt at the hips will allow the chest to be aimed at the ball so all the power generated in the swing goes directly on a line into the ball.  Not enough spine tilt will generate power above the ball causing “topped” shots while too much spine tilt will generate power below the ball causing “chunked” shots.  To verify proper posture, the shaft of the club (regardless of which one) should intersect your spine angle at 90 degrees.

Good Golfing!

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