TaylorMade Expands Spider Putter Franchise with Four New Models

When you already have a successful putter franchise on your hands, you keep pushing forward with it.

That seems to be the case for TaylorMade Golf who has announced new model additions to their flagship Spider putter franchise.

The foursome of mallets includes Spider EX, Spider X Hydro Blast, Spider S and Spider SR, all with “True Path” alignment to help visualize the line to the hole.

“A lot goes into hitting a solid putt,” says Bill Price, Product Creation, Putters & Wedge. “With this new class of Spider putters, we focused on removing two of those variables: aim and alignment. Each model features its own True Path that simplifies the aiming process and helps golfers set up to the ball the same way time after time. While each putter brings something unique to the table, they are bonded by a foundation of forgiveness, stability and True Path alignment that makes it easier to aim.”

Full interview with Bill Price:

Bill Price – 2021 Spider Putters


The new models are headlines by the Spider EX which features an new Pure Roll² insert, a first for the company in that it is a first multi-material insert made with co-moulded construction. White TPU urethane surrounds eight silver aluminum beams to create 45° grooves designed to produce better roll and feel characteristics.  

The Spider EX is larger than the Spider X but has a more refined shape with muted edges and curved tail-side.

Additional features include a lightweight aluminum frame and carbon composite centre to increase MOI and steel and tungsten weight accents.

As you will find in all the new models, it sports a new Fluted Feel™ shaft. co-developed with KBS that focuses on adding feel to a stable shaft design for the best of both worlds.

Spider EX is available for pre-order with an expected retail arrival of March 12. Available lengths include 34″ and 35″. Offered in three different colour-ways: Platinum/White, Navy/White and Ghost White. Hosel options include short slant (all colours), flow neck (Platinum/White & Ghost White) and single bend (Platinum/White & Navy/White).

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Spider X Hydro Blast

Spider X Hydro Blast

The design is familiar but the look is all-new for the Spider X Hydro Blast, a variation of the most popular Spider putter model of all-time, and the one used by PGA TOUR players for many victories over the last two seasons.

The Hydro Blast name comes form the finishing method that see the aluminum body treated to a high-pressure water application to create the look. Distinct colouring and no paint to chip or scratch to maintain the look over a long period of time.

As in the previous Spider X models. it blends tungsten, steel, and aluminum weighting around a composite centre to more resistance to twisting.

Like the EX model, the Spider X Hydro Blast comes to retail on March 12 in 34″ and 35″ models.


For 2021, the Spider S gets an update with True Path alignment added to the 6061 aluminum design that has two massive 42 gram sole weights for stability and to control the centre of gravity.

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Spider S and Spider R

A heavy tungsten backbar is used to further optimize swing weight based on the length of the putter. Coming in four different weights ranging from 40g to 70g, the backbar at the rear of the putter is designed to influence head weight, feel and performance. 

In the all-new Spider SR you will still find stability as a primary asset but in a slightly smaller footprint than the S. The double-wing shape has two back weights that can vary in material and mass depending on club swing weight.

Like the EX model, both the Spider SR and Spider S include the Fluted Feel shaft and arrive in shops on March 12.



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