Team Rideau View Golf Wins OVGA Men’s Intersectionals

Team Rideau View Golf win the 2017 OVGA Men's A Intersectionals. Rookie John Blakley accepts the trophy from Marc Ffrench of the OVGA

Once again home soil proved to be an advantage for the team from Rideau View Golf in the 2017 Ottawa Valley Golf Association Men’s Intersectionals presented by Golf-O-Max.

The talented squad was down mid-way in the matches to the Camelot Golf & Country Club but rallied on to prevail by a five point margin. It was their fourth victory in a row and fifteenth time taking the title.

This year the Rideau View team accumulated 38 points in total. Leading the way as 6-pointers (winning all three of their matches) was John Blakley, Mark McKay, and Chris Collins

“Pretty exciting I’d say”, was Rideau View Club Captain Grant Skinner’s response shortly after the Rideau View Team had been announced as the winner of the 2017 OVGA “A” Class Intersectionals on their home course. “This was our 4th win in a row and 12 of the last 16 competitions in “A” Division. I just think this is a players’ golf course and guys that come out here want to compete at all times. Whether it’s at the “A” level or the senior level or the “B” level, everybody wants to play that way and that’s what creates a winning atmosphere. We had two rookies on the team this year and they took 11 points. They’re pretty excited and it just shows you the depth we have at the Club.”

Given the recent flurry of rain in the region the Rideau View team had to work extra hard to be sure the course was more than presentable for what is known as the biggest annual golf competition in the Ottawa Valley each year.

Their General Manager, Steve Ducat, noted. “Gord MacMillan (Superintendent) and his crew did a fantastic job getting the course playable for us today. The course was closed yesterday and they worked from 5am to 8pm yesterday and they were back this morning from 5am to 11am. The greens were double cut and rolled both yesterday and this morning.”

It is sure to be a much-coveted win with Rideau View Golf Club celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and also marking 40 years with Head Professional Paul Sherratt on staff.

The complete winning crew included Josh Cooper (Alternate), Paul Spare (Alternate), Mike Mallette, Austin Evans, Brett Merriman, John Blakley, Justin DeVroome, Mark Mackay, Griffin Jones, Tim Sullivan, Chris Collins, and Josh Goheen.

Camelot earned 33 points with 6 point efforts by Scott Ray, Wesley Kwok, and Taylor Collins.

Ottawa Hunt was third with 28 points. Ben Bell was their lone 6 pointer.

The team falling to B Division for 2018 will be Rivermead. Within their 21 points earned, Julien-Alexandre Sale won all his matches for six points.

Complete Results 

SECTION / DIVISION (H) = host club/club d’acceuil
A Position Points
Rideau View (H) 1 38
Camelot 2 33
Ottawa Hunt 3 28
Rivermead 4 21
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Rideau View (H) John Blakley, Mark, Mackay, Chris Collins
Camelot Scott Ray, Wesley Kwok, Taylor Collins
Ottawa Hunt Ben Bell
Rivermead Julien-Alexandre Sale
B Position Points
Prescott (H) 1 48
GreyHawk 2 33
Carleton 3 28
Kanata 4 11
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Prescott (H) Rob Kimmerly, Kyle Lavery, Steve Martineau, Mark Wyatt, Phil Patterson
GreyHawk Ben Coles, Rob Knights, Tim Doyle
Carleton NA
Kanata NA
C Position Points
Pembroke (H) 1 52
Tecumseh 2 39
Mississippi 3 18
Sand Point 4 11
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Pembroke (H) Andrew Mohns, Ryan Harwood, Jason Shreenan, Jason Robertson, Phil Hermitte
Tecumseh Yan Hébert, Anthony Brodeur
Mississippi Brian Wilson
Sand Point NA
D Position Points
Royal Ottawa (H) 1 57
Hylands 2 27
Rockland 3 27
Smiths Falls 4 9
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Royal Ottawa (H) Danny Baldwin, Mike Odell, Claude Thivierge, Max Dragon, Kyle Davey, Ian Wilson, Brendan Kuffner, Max Lizondo
Hylands NA
Rockland Zach Car
Smiths Falls NA
E Position Points
Perth (H) 1 43
Hautes Plaines 2 36
Renfrew 3 23
Greensmere 4 18
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Perth (H) Tom Vickers, Johnny Rivington, Tom Critelli, Dave Peters
Hautes Plaines Ghislain Duguay, Stephane Racine
Renfrew Cooper Brown
Greensmere NA
F Position Points
Buckingham (H) 1 52
Madawaska 2 28
Deep River 3 28
Pakenham 4 12
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Buckingham (H) Pierre Patry, Normand Marcoux, Réjean Gauvrreau, Patrick Lemay, Jeremy Hébert
Madawaska NA
Deep River Éric Senohrabek
Pakenham NA
G Position Points
Algonquin (H) 1 49
Eagle Creek 2 41
Kingsway 3 25
Cedarhill 4 5
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Algonquin (H) Éric Landreville, Jacques Gorman, Martin Deguire, André Barbe, André Maurice
Eagle Creek Paul Guerette, Pat Goodhue, Kyle Koski
Kingsway Jean-François Guillot
Cedarhill NA
H Position Points
Stittsville 1 44
Hammond 2 32
Mountain Creek 3 25
Glengarry (H) 4 19
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Stittsville Bill Coulter, Derek Cantlay, Jeff McGrath, Brandon St. Louis, Allen McGee
Hammond Serge Denis, Lucas Argell,
Mountain Creek NA
Glengarry (H) Jean Théoret
l Position Points
Upper Canada (H) 1 51
Brockville 2 41
Mont Cascades 3 16
Metcalfe 4 12
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Upper Canada (H) Mike Laurin, Tom Thompson, Lance Lepage, Jamie Scott, Ty Celone
Brockville Ray Lumsden, Yagiz Tuna, Adam Lindsay
Mont Cascades Peter Woods
Metcalfe NA
J Position Points
Dragonfly 1 47
Petawawa (H) 2 40
Canadian 3 27
Cedar Glen 4 6
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Dragonfly Patrick N., Jesse R., Tim L., Justin R., Jonah O.
Petawawa (H) Justin G., Darren R., Rem L.
Canadian Kevin S.
Cedar Glen NA
K Position Points
Nationview (H) 1 45
Lombard Glen 2 33
Iroquois 3 27
Falcon Ridge 4 15
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Nationview (H) Tim Beach, Tim Ritskis, Gary Graham, J.M. Dionne, Pierre Séguin
Lombard Glen Al Costello
Iroquois NA
Falcon Ridge NA
L Position Points
eQuinelle 1 58
Whitetail (H) 2 31
Roanoke 2 16
Oaks of Cobden 4 15
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
eQuinelle Chuck Bond, Greg Lane, Marc Ethier, Brendan Keating, Logan Henry, Ben Brayman, Wes Cory, Owen Henry
Whitetail (H) NA
Roanoke NA
Oaks of Cobden NA
M Position Points
Stonebridge (H) 1 54
The Meadows 2 43
Mont Ste Marie 3 20
Champions Nest 4 3
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Stonebridge (H) Matteo Scapillati, Maurice Belcourt, Steven Epp, Jay Webb, Tyler Watt, John Hunt, Brad Musclow
The Meadows Bob Anderson, Jim Tucker, Bob Irvine
Mont Ste Marie NA
Champions Nest NA
N Position Points
Pine View 1 42
Casselview 2 38
Morrisburg (H) 3 35
Larrimac 4 5
Total 120
6 point winners / gagnants de 6 points:
Pine View Ken Fleming, Adam Dufour
Casselview Ben Menard, Alain Thibault, Hughes Joly, Chuck Boyer
Morrisburg (H) Brian McNairn, Doug McNairn
Larrimac NA
O Position Points
Manderley 1 28
Club EG (H) The Meadows 2 16
Summerheights 3 16
Total 60
4 point winners / gagnants de 4 points:
Manderley Danick Francey, Jim Gault, Andrew Joseph
Club EG (H) Bernie Ng, Mike Therien, Pierre Lauzon
Summerheights Royal Désormeau
P Position Points
Heritage 1 14
Vieux Moulins 2 15
Gatineau (H) 3 31
Total 60
4 point winners / gagnants de 4 points:
Heritage Greg Jarvo, Tom Sherrer, Pasquale Mongillo
Vieux Moulins Pierre Hamel
Gatineau (H) Pierre Sauvé, Ben Guilbert, Bryan Murphy, Bill Lobban, Pierre Dagenais. Dan Gilbert
Q Position Points
Champlain (H) 1 38
Calabogie 2 13
Homestead 3 9
Total 60
4 point winners / gagnants de 4 points:
Champlain (H) Stéphane Lacelle, Darren Misselbrook, Mark Emery, John Kreuk, Darren McCartney, Cory MacCallum, Tim Kreuk, Brian Stevenson
Calabogie NA
Homestead NA


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