TeeTalk Podcast Episode #149: David Gaylord, CEO Bushbalm / Former D1 College Golfer

David Gaylord

Golf shapes lives.

It’s been said many times that being involved in the sport impacts people beyond the fairways. An example of that is David Gaylord. From a small town in Canada, Gaylord has used golf sucess in his youth to propel him into education, and impacted his life as a successful and innovative entrepreneur.

The CEO and founder of upstart company, Bushbalm, joins us to share thoughts on how golf shaped him, lessons learned that he applies to business daily, and even how he might change golf as it is today.

It’s a fun conversation, thought-provoking at times, and wrapped in our usual sgements, makes for an entertaining epsisode.


Flagstick.com TeeTalk Episode #149 – David Gaylord

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