That Calming Effect: Q-Link Debuts Bracelet

When they first arrived on the PGA Tour, the Q-Link Pendant was an anomaly. Tour pros wearing what appeared to be jewellery to calm their nerves? You might as well have asked them to put a voodoo doll in their bag!

Twelve years later, you still can’t see many Q-Link pendants being worn, but they are there – hiding under the triple mercerized polos and mock necks. To date Q-Link says that more than 300 touring professionals have donned the pendants tallying more than 125 victories in that time.

In fact when it counts most, the company says that is exactly when the Q-Link can make a difference. They cite the ’06 PGA Tour Qualifying School as an example. Five of the Top 20 finishers in the final stage of the ’06 PGA Tour Qualifying School – Cameron Beckman, Paul Gow, Michael Allen, Marco Dawson and Steve Allan each wore Q-Link pendants – during the pressure-filled rounds of Q-School.

“This proves that Q-Link works under the most intense pressure,” said Q-Link USA President John Allan. “There is no greater pressure for a professional golfer than Q-School.”

And how about Lorena Ochoa? The 2006 LPGA Tour Player of The Year is a Q-Link believer. “I feel calmer in tough situations,” Ochoa says. “(Q-Link) really makes a difference under pressure.”

As pendants are not for everyone the California based company is about to roll out a new Q-Link Bracelet that they are quite excited about. “The Q-Link bracelet is a product of the overwhelming success of the Q-Link pendant,” says John Allan. “Many of our customers and tour players over the years have asked us when we were coming out with a bracelet. Now we’ve delivered for them. We expect the bracelet will be as popular and successful as the pendant, as the response has already been great.”

The somewhat stylish looking bracelet (just how stylish is for you to decide) will be available in three models: Performance, Silver Cuff, and Silver/Golf Cuff with prices starting at (US) $79.95.

The “big secret” behind the Q-Link products is something called SRT-3 programming. The company says that is what allows it to, “more efficiently resonate life-supporting frequency in a person’s energy field.” The end result being that the wearer has a more effective response to stress. They claim that athletes and non-athletes realize heightened energy, a quicker stress-reducing effect and experience a more rapid return to centred emotional states. In basic terms they describe it as like a tuning fork, resonating with and strengthening the life-enhancing information already present within the human biofield.

Whatever it does, it appears that many sceptics of the past in professional golf are now believers. That is even more credible when you realize that the majority are not paid to wear the Q-Link products.

We all can’t be Paul Gow or Lorena Ochoa, but with the new Q-Link bracelet you can get the same benefits that this product delivers and at least look like a little more like them.

That is, until you swing a club.

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