The Tunis Begins At Camelot

Vincent Blanchette won the Alexander of Tunis Championship in 2014 (Photo: Golf Quebec)
Vincent Blanchette won the Alexander of Tunis Championship in 2014 (Photo: Golf Quebec)
Vincent Blanchette won the Alexander of Tunis Championship in 2014 (Photo: Golf Quebec)

One of the triple crown men’s events for Golf Quebec, the Alexander of Tunis Championship, begins play Sunday at Camelot Golf & Country Club in Cumberland.

The “Tunis” is the only one of the big three events held in the Ottawa Valley and hosted by the Ottawa valley Golf Association. The other Golf Quebec majors are the Quebec Amateur and the Duke of Kent.

In 1950 the President of the Royal Ottawa Golf Club, Stuart Wotherspoon, asked the Governor General of Canada at the time, Lord Alexander of Tunis, to become the patron of an amateur golf tournament in Ottawa.  He agreed and the “Tunis” was born.  Bob Hall would become the first winner.

This year the Camelot Golf & Country Club hosts for the very first time.  They joined Rideau View Golf Club just a couple years ago in the five course host club rotation.  The original and still participating host clubs are The Royal Ottawa Golf Club, Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club, and Rivermead Golf Club.

Vincent Blanchette won the title in 2014.

The tee times for the 1st round on Sunday July 6th are below.  You can follow the online leaderboard at this link.

Sébastien Coté  Tecumseh 7:00 AM
Patrick Goodhue  Eagle Creek GC 7:00 AM
Jean-Francois Guillot  Rivermead GC 7:00 AM
Marco Comeau  Valleyfield 7:10 AM
André Hould  Grand-Mère 7:10 AM
Louis Seguin  Buckingham 7:10 AM
Larry Morin  Rivermead GC 7:20 AM
Chris Packman  Ottawa Hunt & GC 7:20 AM
Bertrand Gignac  Tecumseh 7:30 AM
Emile Provost  BlainvillierGC 7:30 AM
Denis Odorcic  Hautes Plaines 7:30 AM
Jesse Maislin  Hillsdale Golf & CC 7:40 AM
Justin deVroome  Rideau View GC 7:40 AM
Brian Keller  Camelot G & CC 7:40 AM
Christopher Bockstael  Ottawa Hunt & GC 7:50 AM
Russ Passmore  Public Golfer-Golf Québec 7:50 AM
Max Rochette  Camelot G & CC 7:50 AM
William Lecky  Cornwall 8:00 AM
Ben Bell  Ottawa Hunt & GC 8:00 AM
Mark Mackay  Rideau View GC 8:00 AM
Jean-Philippe Prémont  Bic 8:10 AM
Daniel Bougie  Valleyfield 8:10 AM
Rodney Morgan  Beaconsfield 8:10 AM
Zac Wood  Carleton Golf & Yacht 8:20 AM
Martin Ouellet  Public Golfer-Golf Québec 8:20 AM
Marc Cousineau  Mirage GC 8:20 AM
Olivier Arsenault  Boisé 8:30 AM
Paul Spare  Rideau View GC 8:30 AM
Dominic Boucher  Triangle d’Or 8:30 AM
Joseph Mariutti  Camelot G & CC 8:40 AM
Christian Cook  Lévis 8:40 AM
Francis Trépanier  Mémorial 8:40 AM
André Gauthier  Hawkesbury Golf & Curling 8:50 AM
Normand Martel  Boucherville 8:50 AM
Yanick Verreault  Belvédère Sport 8:50 AM
Jacques Paiement  Cap-Rouge 9:00 AM
Nicholas Brisebois  Kanata G&CC 9:00 AM
Tom Henderson  Smiths Falls 9:00 AM
André Jetté  Pinegrove 9:10 AM
Hugo Laforest  Ile de MontréalGolf Clu 9:10 AM
Dan Tapp  GreyHawk GC 9:10 AM
Étienne Brault  Laval-sur-le-Lac Club 9:20 AM
Nolan Windsor  Royal Ottawa GC 9:20 AM
Jean Gaulin  Drummondville 9:20 AM
John Zimmer  Elm Ridge CC 9:30 AM
Frédérick Blanchet  Royal Quebec GC 9:30 AM
Daniel Gosselin  Kanawaki 9:30 AM
Robert Mackay  Rivermead GC 9:40 AM
Marc-Yvan Tanguay  Beauce 9:40 AM
Olivier Daneau  Continental GC 9:40 AM
Michel Daneau  Continental GC 9:50 AM
Christophe Sylvain  Lorette 9:50 AM
Gabriel Gingras  Rivermead GC 9:50 AM
Chris McCuaig  Ottawa Hunt & GC 10:00 AM
Jasmin Lecompte  Whitlock G&CC 10:00 AM
Jacob Peterson  Kanawaki 10:00 AM
Mathieu Bélanger  Drummondville 10:10 AM
James Paterson  Sand Point GC 10:10 AM
Michael Crapper  Rivermead GC 10:10 AM
Phillip Martin  Rideau View GC 10:20 AM
Steve Houle  Kanata G&CC 10:20 AM
Marc-Olivier Plasse  Kanawaki 10:20 AM
Mark Coldham  Ottawa Hunt & GC 10:30 AM
Ryan Galbraith  Whitlock G&CC 10:30 AM
Jean-Michel Paré  Victoriaville 10:30 AM
Ian Moffatt St-Onge  Milby 10:40 AM
Graham Cooke  Summerlea G&CC 10:40 AM
Loick Laramé  Drummondville 10:40 AM
Jean-Luc Theoret  Camelot G & CC 10:50 AM
Carter Trevisani  GreyHawk GC 10:50 AM
Mathieu Kennis  Laval-sur-le-Lac Club 10:50 AM
Dominic Gauthier-Lalonde  Kanawaki 11:00 AM
Stephen Fritsch  Rideau View GC 11:00 AM
Frédéric Matthey  Beauce 11:00 AM
Vincent Mucci  Rosemère 11:10 AM
Cédric Laverdure  Laval-sur-le-Lac Club 11:10 AM
Angie Ethier  Boucherville 11:10 AM
Chris Henri  Summerlea G&CC 11:20 AM
Maxime Marengère  Rivermead GC 11:20 AM
Stephen Layne  St. Raphael GC 11:20 AM
Danny Turbide  Royal Quebec GC 11:30 AM
Christopher Callihoo  St. Raphael GC 11:30 AM
Étienne Papineau  Pinegrove 11:30 AM
Pierre-Alexandre Bédard  Chibougamau-Chapais 11:40 AM
Jean-Marc Cabana  Hemmingford S&CC 11:40 AM
Dwight Reinhart  Eagle Creek GC 11:40 AM
Vincent Blanchette  Pinegrove 11:50 AM
Paolo Addona  Beloeil 11:50 AM
Hugo Bernard  Laval-sur-le-Lac Club 11:50 AM
Francis Berthiaume  Laval-sur-le-Lac Club 12:00 PM
Chris Collins  Rideau View GC 12:00 PM
Kurtis Campbell  Whitlock G&CC 12:00 PM
Hugues Legault  Summerlea G&CC 12:10 PM
Justin Martel  Hawkesbury Golf & Curling 12:10 PM
Timothy Sullivan  Rideau View GC 12:10 PM
Emile Ménard  Pinegrove 12:20 PM
Adam Poulin  Beauceville 12:20 PM
Samuel Reid  Royal Quebec GC 12:20 PM
Marc Gosselin  Fontainebleau 12:30 PM
Alexandre Gauthier  Beloeil 12:30 PM
Mark Mcbride  Camelot G & CC 12:30 PM
Shawn Farrell  Windmill Heights 12:40 PM
Felix Gamache  Sherbrooke 12:40 PM
Josh Goheen  Rideau View GC 12:40 PM
Cédrick Mahoney  Pinegrove 12:50 PM
Yann Béland  Ile de MontréalGolf Clu 12:50 PM
Austin Evans  Rideau View GC 12:50 PM
Serge Amyot  Hemmingford S&CC 1:00 PM
David Lamontagne  Milby 1:00 PM
Corey Raymond  Rivermead GC 1:00 PM
Randall Oka  Summerlea G&CC 1:10 PM
Patrick Cassin  Victoriaville 1:10 PM
Michaël Harvey  Alpin 1:10 PM
Corey Eccles  Royal Montreal GC 1:20 PM
Phillipe Lynch  Beaconsfield 1:20 PM
Sébastien Lefebvre  Sorel-Tracy Les Dunes GC 1:20 PM
Peter Malo  Royal Montreal GC 1:30 PM
Matthieu Bouchard  Triangle d’Or 1:30 PM
François Fortier  Beloeil 1:30 PM
Massimo Roch  Mirage GC 1:40 PM
Alain Dufresne  Islesmere GC 1:40 PM
Hugo Cloutier  Balmoral 1:40 PM
Normand-Pierre Goodhue  Mount Bruno 1:50 PM
Alexis Montambault Trudelle  Milby 1:50 PM
Jordan Rochon  Cornwall 1:50 PM
Doug Eccles  Royal Montreal GC 2:00 PM
Jonathan Gagnon  Milby 2:00 PM
Ray Cloutier  Grand Vallon 2:00 PM
Jean-Marc Plante  Beloeil 2:10 PM
Stéphane Bergeron  Quatre-Domaines GC 2:10 PM
Kevin Blais  Sorel-Tracy Les Dunes GC 2:10 PM
Guillaume Bélanger  Tempête 2:20 PM
Francis Cheney  Public Golfer-Golf Québec 2:20 PM
Jack Cox  Camelot G & CC 2:20 PM
Pierre-Luc Caron  Gatineau GC 2:30 PM
Maverick Faber  Laval-sur-le-Lac Club 2:30 PM
Scott Ray  Camelot G & CC 2:30 PM
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