The Week

I beg your pardon for my Blog absence over the last few days. After returning from ten days on the road the family (and laundry, sleep, etc) takes first priority but I am steadily working my way through photos and images from the trip to North Carolina.

I will post a couple images today for your entertainment. Lots more to come as well as video between now and when the print story about the trip rolls out in the spring.

Hopefully it tides you all over for a few days as I will be joining the Flagstick staff for a trip to Toronto in the middle of this week to attend the 2009 Ontario PGA Merchandise Show. This show has been steadily getting smaller but there are still a few key manufacturers who attend. Among them is Callaway Golf, Nike Golf, Fletcher (Adams, Sunice, etc), and Mizuno. Because of that we hope to have some new information to share about their 2010 product lines about our return.

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I’ll Tweet as much as possible from the golf show and will follow up with any pressing news, images, and other information we gather from it.