There’s An App For That?

I love my IPod Touch...but the Rory McIlroy/Lee Westwood Apps will not be on it...again.
I love my Apple IPod Touch...but the Rory McIlroy/Lee Westwood Apps will not be on it...for now at least.

I’ve enjoyed my IPod Touch 4 since I first picked it up a few weeks back.  I made use of their FaceTime technology to do free video calls over Wi-Fi back from Scotland to Canada the other week and generally I have found there really are some useful Applications (APPS).

So when I was scrolling through Twitter this morning and saw phenom Rory McIlroy telling his followers about his App, I’ll admit I was curious.

I have solid apps on my IPod from the PGA Tour, Golf Channel, and even PING Golf but I wasn’t sure what to expect from an App for a specific golfer.  Writers are always looking for new angles on material so maybe this App could provide a helpful quote, link, or otherwise in the days ahead.  Maybe even some quality exclusive golf instruction video, other insightful interviews, or compelling content of any manner?

When I searched it out in the ITunes Store I found the free App quite quickly and had it downloaded in seconds.

In viewing the Rory McIlroy App page I also noted the same company, Athlete Factor Sports Management, offered a Lee Westwood App as well.

Sadly, both are equally bad.

The content?

The same type of pre-recorded message from each player asking you to hit the subscribe button on the next page.

So what is the crux of the App?  Getting you to pony up $7.99 to hear regular recorded “special messages” from Rory and Lee before and after rounds. I’m going to hope (I didn’t even venture $7.99 to find out) that they won’t be of equal length and distorted quality as the opening message.  You’ll have to be a real fan (err…stalker) to have a rooting interest in this one.

The rest of the App was basically a gathering of Links to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook pages, and small photo galleries for each player.

Not exactly compelling stuff.

In this advanced age of technology I think the Althete Factor people might have come up with something a little better than this.

Looks like a money grab, smells like a money grab, and hopefully other tour players get to understand the use of App technology a little more before agreeing to be part of these types of products.

It may not have been their idea, but they agreed to be involved (or at least their agents did), and as with all types of social media/media – it will reflect on them.

Sorry boys, you missed the boat on this one.

As quickly as I download the Apps, I gave them a wiggle and a swipe into an abyss from which they will never likely return.

And if this happens to offend any Rory/Lee fans – I’ll be happy to hear from you if the $7.99 content really is worth the price tag.  Hopefully they can enhance it a bit more and make it a truly useful item for their fans.

Until then… you can be assured it will not be found in any forthcoming Hot Picks Products list we plan to publish.



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