Things Look Grim For Ottawa Area Golf Championship

All indications are that the tournament known as the Ottawa Citizen Championship is done after 11 seasons.

This evening Tournament Director John McConachie politely declined to comment for this story, citing a release that he believed was set to come forward directly from the Ottawa Citizen this week. He offered to discuss the subject after that statement was made public.

It became known in late January that the Ottawa Citizen would not be continuing to facilitate the tournament as the major sponsor but in previous discussions with McConachie, for a story three weeks ago, there was some hope that he would be able to continue the event with the support of other potential sponsors. Sources tell us now that it is likely that will not be the case.

Founded in 2001 the Ottawa Citizen Championship sought to identify the top golfers in the region through a multi-round tournament played over some of the best golf courses in the region.

The winners list contained some great names, both for men and women as the tournament grew to include both genders in 2002.

Winners included:

2001 – Scott Johnson
2002 – Mike Walker & Susan Holtom
2003 – Ian Johnson & Diane Dolan
2004 – Chris McCuaig & Leigh-Ann Ellis
2005 – Chris Bernard & Susan Pearl
2006 – Marc-Etienne Bussieres & Bonnie Wolff
2007 – Marc-Etienne Bussieres & Brooke Mallory
2008 – Kyle Koski & Victoria Thompson
2009 – Marc-Etienne Bussieres & Victoria Thompson
2010 – Allen McGee & Lise Jubinville
2011 – Dwight Reinhart & Alison Timlin

We will try and get official confirmation of this news but expect it to come in the form of the press release issued by the Ottawa Citizen.  We expect that release to convey the reason for withdrawal of support for the tournament but believe it is simply due to a re-allocation of resources for the media outlet, a common occurrence.

Even in light of this possibility the golf community should be appreciative of the work the people at the Ottawa Citizen, John McConachie, additional sponsors and all the volunteers for this tournament did for this event over it’s 11 year run.  Thousands of golfers participated and it created a great chapter in the history of golf in Ottawa and surrounds.