Three To Get Ready…

-One Of Canada’s Top Golf Pros Show You How To Shape Up Your Golf Bag-

by Kevin Haime, CPGA Teaching Professional,

There’s no question that golfers are becoming more knowledgeable by the year when it comes to their equipment.  Since custom fitting first started in the mid 1980s and since the high-tech golf equipment boom, which began in the mid 1990s, many golfers have become more and more educated about what should be in their golf bags.  Over the last couple of seasons I’ve seen more and more students inserting more lofted fairway woods and even hybrids into their bags and many golfers now have more than one sand wedge to hit those all important little shots around the green.

It’s great to see golf bags being put together the right way because the right equipment definitely gives you a better chance to shoot lower scores.  But for all the good that comes with today’s highly developed clubs, technology has also complicated the club buying experience.  With so many different club head and golf shaft options out there you have to be more careful than ever to spend your money wisely.  It’s not just as simple as steel/graphite or stiff/regular any more.  Here are my top three things to do or to look out for when filling in your set.

Driver – The technology is out there so go ahead and use it.  If you want to optimize your distance you have to get the proper exotic golf shaft and club head design for you.  Even if you’ve never taken a lesson before, you should book an hour session with a golf professional and a launch monitor to find out your launch characteristics.  There are so many different shaft make-ups and characteristics out there that just picking between stiff and regular is virtually a waste of time.  You need to look at weight, torque values, flex points, and tip and butt end stiffness to find a shaft that is really right for you.  And there’s no way you can do that without a golf pro and a launch monitor.

Hybrids – Hybrid clubs are a great concept.  They are absolutely easier to hit than long irons and most golfers should have at least one in their bag.  But I have a problem with the entire golf industry when it comes to hybrids.  Every manufacturer out there is building their hybrid to hit the ball farther than the club it’s supposed to replace.  If you’re looking to replace a three iron you would think a three hybrid would do the trick but, with every hybrid I’ve tried, I can hit that three hybrid at least fifteen yards farther than my three iron.  Hybrids are only useful if they hit the ball the same distance as the club you’re trying to replace.  So be careful when buying a hybrid, make sure you test it outside and make sure it goes the proper distance.

Wedges – Golfers are definitely getting educated when it comes to their irons.  Many players are getting properly fitted for their iron sets.  At our golf school we are fitting golfers outdoors from morning to night.  And many of you now understand that you need to be fitted for dynamic lie angle, club length, club head design, etc…But when it comes to your wedges most of you are still just going to a display rack and picking up a name brand wedge.  It’s an oversight I see far too often, and it’s a killer oversight because your wedges may be the most important irons in your bag.  So before you hit the golf course this season make sure your wedges are fitted to you and the rest of your set.

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