Titleist Updates Tour Soft and Velocity Golf Balls

Velocity will now comes in four colours

The coming of 2020 begins a new product cycle for golf ball manufacturer Titleist who will be updating various models this season, starting with the Tour Soft and the Velocity brands.

Two years after they were first introduced, according to the company, the second generation Tour Soft ball keys in on delivering more distance, better performance around the greens, and adds in a new alignment side-stamp.

The “T” side-stamp makes it easier for golfers to use it as a guide on both the tee and the green.

Titleist Tour Soft Hi-Optic Yellow

“Golfers wanting to play a softer-feeling ball shouldn’t have to sacrifice yards off the tee or control into the green. We know they have real golf to play and their ball has to be much more than just soft,” said Michael Mahoney, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “The new generation of Tour Soft continues to show what’s possible in a lower compression design. Our engineers have developed a longer, all-around better performing golf ball that maintains the soft and responsive feel that golfers love about this product.”

The balls, which have the largest core ever created by Titleist engineers, will be offered up in both white and high-optic yellow. It is fully manufactured at the company’s Ball Plant #2 in Massachusetts.

The initial Tour Soft performed well for the price point and we’re eager to test the new models, which become available on January 23rd.

Titleist Tour Soft (dozen)

Velocity Brighten Ups

In addition to the new Tour Soft balls, Titleist is also updating their Velocity line for 2020.

The Velocity ball has always been about distance and that target remains in the new models, with adjustments now made to help the ball stop faster on the greens, and three new matte colour options (Pink, Green, and Orange) have been added.

Velocity will now comes in four colours

The core size has been updated in an effort to add spin, which aids the ability of the golfer to stop a ball coming in at higher speeds.

“Velocity golfers love distance, and they never stop asking us for more yards,” said Michael Mahoney, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “But we know they’re also trying to shoot lower scores, and distance is only one part of that equation. The advancements our engineers have made to Velocity’s aerodynamics package and high-speed core technology are meaningful. Golfers can take aim from farther away – confident that if they put a good swing on it, they’ll have the extra distance to reach the green with the ball flight to stop it there.”

Titleist Velocity (dozen)

Like the new Tour Soft, the new Velocity models are on sale as of January 23, 2020.



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