TopTracer Range Comes To Canada at Kevin Haime Golf Centre

Golf practice in the Ottawa area will never be the same. At least that is the intent of the team at the Kevin Haime Golf Centre who have jumped to the leading edge of the industry to bring the TopTracer Range product to Canada for the very first time.

The offshoot of the very popular TopGolf recreation centres will allow the well-established practice facility to provide a myriad of new features that should be well-received by current customers and be appealing to new ones as the golf market continues to evolve.

Recently installed in sixteen of the covered bay areas at the Kanata area golf centre, the addition of the technology led them to call the new spots “launch bays”, as they incorporate all facets of the TopTracer Range technology.

The tracking technology will allow “gamification” of the bays, allowing users to track the golf balls like never before. The user can see their shots on interactive touch-screen monitors mounted in each bay, use the data for training feedback, or engage in all manners of games (long drive, closest to the pin, etc.), either against themselves or other golfers. You can even play simulated golf courses. The concept is to take many of the elements of TopGolf and adapt it to an already established facility. Users can also store their personal stats from the training programs in an app.

“This is another first for us, another innovation. We’re the first to do this in Canada,” exclaims Kevin Haime who says they started to give some consideration to the technology after visits to various TopGolf centres.

The Future Of Golf

In recent years their centre added PowerTee, which provides automatic ball delivery, as well as G.E.A.R.S. technology for their teaching programs, but Haime really feels the TopTracer technology addresses the future of the sport he has been involved in his entire life.

“I think it is a kind of quantum leap in golf practice. I personally really believe that millennials and the tech-savvy generation, the iPad generation, if you will, will really embrace this. I think we all love technology, so in reflecting and looking ahead I think the idea of people will just want to dump a bucket of balls on a grass tee and hit them in solitude for hours is just a thing of the past. Especially when you consider all the fun, interesting, interactive things we have in our lives now.”

Haime says that when he first made a visit to TopGolf he was basically, “punched in the face with what the future might be.” He adds, “It’s great to be working with the people behind the concept who have been disrupting the industry as we know it.”

In an additional move to accommodate the social aspect of this new way to enjoy golf, Kevin shares that he and wife Lisa, who both operate the business, have invested in other amenities to support the move. More casual furniture where people can socialize as they use TopTracer Range has been added. They will also be taking reservations for the Launch Bays to allow players to book ahead.

“Our weather here in Ottawa makes the idea of investing in a full Top Golf here in our climate pretty risky; this allows us to have the TopGolf technology without the TopGolf investment and lets us embrace what people like so much about it.”

Installation of the leading-edge cameras and the accompanying technology took place earlier this month and there will be an official launch on June 23rd.