Tuesday Updates – The Big Mix

It’s been a busy day. I woke up not feeling the best yesterday but after a chance to get in some recovery time I am making up for the lost day today.

I’ve spent most of the morning working on a Myrtle Beach travel story based on my recent trip there. It is but one of the many diverse travel features you will find in the pages of Flagstick Golf Magazine for 2010.

Because we only publish our print edition during the traditional Canadian Golf season many people often ask what we do to fill our winter days. I assure you that they might be busier than the spring and summer as we prepare for the next season! We have a lot of new initiatives for delivering content in 2010 and we are always busy tweaking those we already have. Flagstick publisher Jeff Bauder is hard at work on the changes to our main web page. I can’t reveal any details but I am a big fan of the advances, employee or otherwise.

Just a couple quick notes for you today.

The adidas Wear in the World Campaign continues to thrive. You can catch all their very interesting updates (Bolivia today!) here.

Also on the web we want to thank all the viewers who have checked out our early foray into the world of YouTube. Our few videos now have over 5,000 views in just a month – there is great potential there and expect more fun and informative content in the season ahead. We have a PGA Show to attend in coming months and I will also be making a visit to Nike Golf’s R&D facility, the Oven, in Texas, so we hope to put together some videos from those locales.

On another equipment note I just wanted to add to the news from Fourteen Golf. Yesterday we told you about their new utility club but they also have a new set of wedges and boy, do they look sharp!

The dual sole design is designed to be very versatile and the looks…well they speak for themselves. They have a new conforming trapezoidal groove and come as a three club set with only 2,000 sets available.

That’s about all for today. There is a press conference scheduled tomorrow with Mike Weir that we will be covering. Weir will be inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame this weekend. He will be the 64th inductee. We’ll bring you some of his thoughts on the honour.