Turning Ten On Twitter… @Flagstick

Flagstick turns ten on Twitter. Photo: REUTERS/Ognen Teofilovski

One thing we have always been proud of here at Flagstick is that we have never rested on our laurels. It was only a matter of months after the print magazine was first published in 1996 that we jumped into the digital space and started our first website. That site, or at least the evolution of it that you are reading here, now serves thousands of readers each day and continues to grow. This year alone we are up another 20+ percent in traffic.

From the start we were not shy about the digital domain, from diving into partnerships with golf forums like GolfWRX.com (now the busiest of its kind in the world), or crafting a social media strategy all the way back in 2006.

One leap we made that was part of our growth was the move to publish content on and be part of the conversations on @Twitter.

When we joined Twitter @Flagstick on December 3, 2008 it was a much different place. A much quieter place. At the time there were just 6 million people on the platform. Most people used it to let other people know where they were in short messages. “Conversations” were mostly shouting into an empty building. But gradually the people came.

Today more than 326 million people are active Twitter users and we count many, many of them among our friends.

A decade, and 49,989 tweets later, we continue to be active in the Twitter community, sharing content, re-sharing content from others, adding to the voice of golf in the overall community, and interacting with readers every single day. We have never asked for a single follower (for ourselves) simply growing our community of followers organically, culling out bots and fake accounts, to a REAL audience of more than 11,000 people we count as kindred golf spirits more than anything else.

We’re thankful for what our Twitter platform has become, allowing us to also share a lot of content from Flagstick.com as well as many, many other news tidbits published on Twitter alone.

Thank you to every person who we have every interacted with on Twitter; you have made the experience an enjoyable one. We look forward to many more years of conversations.


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