Two Championships in Two Days for Allen McGee

Allen McGee wins the OVGA Masters (Photo: Joe McLean)
Allen McGee wins the OVGA Masters (Photo: Joe McLean)
Allen McGee wins the OVGA Masters (Photo: Joe McLean)

Glen Mar golfers Luci Leblanc and Allen McGee were the winners of the Golf Quebec Mixed Championship on the Elm Ridge Course in Ile Bizard, Quebec on Monday of the recent long weekend.

The following day, Allen was the winner of the Ottawa Valley Golf Association Master’s Championship at the Kanata Golf & Country Club in west end Ottawa. His score of even par 70 was two better than Kanata Member Steve Houle and three better than Kanata’s John Hunt and Mississippi Golf Club’s Bill Mason.

Players competing in the OVGA Masters were divided into three flights depending on the ages.

In Flight 1, Lombard Glen’s Al Costello won the flight with his score of 74 and tied for second in scoring were Glen Mar’s Derek MacLean and Eagle Creek’s Marc Ffrench with scores of 76. MacLean earned second place via retrogression. Steve Houle and John Hunt finished 1st and 2nd in Flight 2 and they were followed by Golf Quebec Public Player John Taylor and Camelot’s Mark McBride with scores of 75. Bill Mason was the winner in Flight 3 followed by Rivermead’s Robert Fugere and Kanata’s Dru Lafave with their scores of 76. Hyland’s Neil Colbert finished alone in fourth place with a 77.

Congratulations to all of the participants in the OVGA Masters as well as the tournament organizers and officials.

/ Joe McLean @FlagstickJoe


Pos Player +/- Thru Total
1 Allen McGee  GlenMar GCC E F 70
2 Steve Houle  Kanata G&CC +2 F 72
T3 John Hunt  Kanata G&CC +3 F 73
T3 Bill Mason  Mississippi +3 F 73
5 Al Costello  Lombard Glen G&CC +4 F 74
T6 John Taylor  Public Golfer-Golf Québec +5 F 75
T6 Mark Mcbride  Camelot G & CC +5 F 75
T8 Peter Beerli  Mississippi +6 F 76
T8 Dru Lafave  Kanata G&CC +6 F 76
T8 Marc Ffrench  Eagle Creek GC +6 F 76
T8 Robert Fugère  Rivermead GC +6 F 76
T8 Derek Maclean  GlenMar GCC +6 F 76
T13 Neill Colbert  Hylands Golf Club +7 F 77
T13 David Knight  Hylands Golf Club +7 F 77
T13 Norm Baird  Greensmere G&CC +7 F 77
T13 Rob Knights  GreyHawk GC +7 F 77
T13 Dan Tapp  GreyHawk GC +7 F 77
T18 Andre Charlebois  Outaouais GC +8 F 78
T18 Rick St-Denis  Public Golfer-Golf Québec +8 F 78
T18 Richard McGrath  Kanata G&CC +8 F 78
T18 Richard Brochu  Rivermead GC +8 F 78
T18 Larry Morin  Rivermead GC +8 F 78
23 Ken Watson  GreyHawk GC +9 F 79
T24 Todd Pearson  Casselview +10 F 80
T24 Rod Gilks  ClubEG +10 F 80
T24 Pierre Beaulne  Hautes Plaines +10 F 80
T27 Denis Tremblay  Smiths Falls +12 F 82
T27 Daniel Bourque  Perth Links O’Tay +12 F 82
T27 Ben Allen  Sand Point GC +12 F 82
T27 Pierre Lauzon  Hautes Plaines +12 F 82
T31 Elwood Johnston  Sand Point GC +13 F 83
T31 Martin Wells  Cedarhill +13 F 83
T33 Howard Radford  Smiths Falls +14 F 84
T33 Jeff McCormick  Sand Point GC +14 F 84
T35 Johnny Gordon  GreyHawk GC +15 F 85
T35 Rob Mcintosh  Sand Point GC +15 F 85
T35 Roy Medaglia  Nation View +15 F 85
T35 John Ackehurst  Sand Point GC +15 F 85
T39 Marc Belanger  Hylands Golf Club +16 F 86
T39 Rick Lemenchick  Public Player +16 F 86
T39 Wenqin Shao  Manderley On The Green +16 F 86
T39 Rod Ellis  Sand Point GC +16 F 86
T43 Jean Marc Titley  Glengarry +17 F 87
T43 Andrew Penney  Public Golfer-Golf Québec +17 F 87
T43 Leigh Catley  Eagle Creek GC +17 F 87
T46 Ken Loewen  Nation View +18 F 88
T46 Ron Chisholm  Nationview GC +18 F 88
T46 Peter Drevniok  Larrimac +18 F 88
T46 Mark Sullivan  Rideau View GC +18 F 88
T46 Mark Wharton  Carleton Golf & Yacht +18 F 88
T46 Matt Heney  Perth Links O’Tay +18 F 88
T52 Roger Beckley  Rideau View GC +19 F 89
T52 Terry Campbell  Hautes Plaines +19 F 89
T52 Mike Sutherland  Hylands Golf Club +19 F 89
T52 Kevin Baldelli  ClubEG +19 F 89
T52 Dean Mallory  Larrimac +19 F 89
T57 Joshua Moon  Larrimac +20 F 90
T57 Eric McPhee  Hylands Golf Club +20 F 90
T59 Bernard Ng  Public Player +21 F 91
T59 Andre Lepine  Meadows GC +21 F 91
T61 James Ferguson  Hylands Golf Club +22 F 92
T61 Tony Thompson  Hylands Golf Club +22 F 92
T61 David Kurtz  Hylands Golf Club +22 F 92
64 Larry Gorton  Nation View +23 F 93
65 Lu Jiang  Canadian G&CC +24 F 94
66 Ronald Pagé  Falcon Ridge GC +25 F 95
T67 Paul Choquette  Fontainebleau +26 F 96
T67 Jimmy Calif  Cerf GC +26 F 96
69 Pierre Pagé  Meadows GC +27 F 97
T70 Paul Gaylard  Greensmere G&CC +29 F 99
T70 John Ambridge  Hylands Golf Club +29 F 99
72 Neil Card  Carleton Golf & Yacht +35 F 105
73 Frank Pecora  Madawaska +38 F 108
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