Unusual Acquisition Talk re: Yes! Golf

Can a group of golf fans acquire a known putter brand?  They have a plan to try!
Can a group of golf fans acquire a known putter brand? They have a plan to try!

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own golf equipment company?

It seems a lot of hardcore golf fans actually do.

No segment of the golf business incites as much passion as golf equipment.  Just witness the hundreds of thousands of golfers that take to the internet to discuss every minutiae of their golf gear on dozens of online forums.

One of the largest is GolfWRX.com and within that website you will find nearly 100,00 passionate members.   When you refer back to the sentence at the start of this post, just about every single one of these people would answer in the affirmative to that question.

And they might just have a chance of making that happen.  Well, maybe not, but you never know.

Recently highly acclaimed putter maker Yes! Golf declared bankruptcy and a company called Heritage Global Partners will be conducting a bulk sale of the companies assets, pending court approval.  According to Yes! Golf website this will include: “One Lot Consisting of: Patented technology of innovative Yes! Golf Putter designs, various Registered Trademarks of Yes!, Yes! Golf, Yes! Golf logo, C Groove Putters, etc. Inventory of putters, putter heads, accessories, apparel, training aids, components, and shafts. Capital equipment including equipment molds, office equipment, office furnishings, and more!”

If approved by a U.S. Bankruptcy Court, an auction will take place on January 18th in Colorado where the assets of ProGear Holdings Inc. (operators of Yes! Golf) will be dispersed in a single bulk sale.

Which is where GolfWRX.com comes in, more specifically some the members at that website as the owners of the forum have no involvement in what some of the members are planning – their site has simply become the venue for which the Yes! Golf bankruptcy sale has become a hot topic of discussion.

It seems in a thread of the Putter section on the site a number of people have hatched a plan to create a buying group to take a shot at buying the Yes! Golf assets.  A member with the screen name “Getmeoutofjersey” kicked it off on January 7th.

As of this morning the thread has had almost 5,000 views and there have been nearly 200 replies in the discussion.  70 people have given a commitment to be part of the group.

It’s a long shot for sure.  The group will have to come up with a $25,000 refundable deposit just to be able to take part in the webcast auction.  And as for the true acquisition price for the assets?  That could run into the millions.  On top of that the group will likely be battling with known investors and golf companies with much deeper pockets who will also be trying to make the purchase.

Chances are, the GolfWRX.com member group will not own a putter company after January 18th.

But it’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

To see the GolfWRX.com discussion thread see here.

To learn more about the Yes! Golf asset auction visit here.

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