Want To Get Better at Golf? A Six-Pack To Add To Your Golf Library

There are plenty of golf books out there. Thousands, in fact. I know, through the years I acquired many of them on a quest to learn more about the game, and just maybe, improve.

Of course, the quality of the information varies greatly among them. Some are based on theories, some on personal experiences, and some, clearly, are just meant to separate you from your money and take advantage of the hopeful golfer seeking a “secret”.

First disclaimer, there is no such thing as the latter. Like any athletic endeavor, golf takes effort if you want to play well. That means physical and mental work, and have the right intentions to understand how to score better.

The Practice Manual by Adam Young

The Practice Manual

Plenty of golfers love to practice their golf games but the common scenario for many when it comes to full swing development is standing on a driving range, hitting shot after shot, until they believe they have “found something.” Adam Young introduces a more practical way to work on your skills, outlining what is truly important, and how you can push yourself forward.

Every Shot Counts

The “new math” of golf exploded with the arrival of this work by Mark Broadie, a Columbia Business School Professor. His deep analysis of golf took the thoughts about risk management decisions and crystallized them in a way never done before. It exposed flaws in traditional statistics and opened up the path for coaches and players to better understand how to play the game, outside of swinging a club.

Be A Player

Golfers often struggle to keep their minds sorted while they endure the entire length of a round or a tournament and Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott have been offering practical solutions for years. That continues in Be A Player where they show you how to fine tune your “human skills” and get yourself ready to perform on a golf course when you need to.

Your Short Game Solution

James Sieckmann discovered early that the flaw in his ability to play pro golf at the highest levels lay in his short game. That drew him into plenty of exploration and a career as a successful short game teacher and coach. In this book he takes you through many of his thoughts on how any golfer can improve their short game techniques and practice effectively to lower their scores.

Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible

One of the first people in modern times to take a scientific approach to golf, dispelling many myths handed down through the years that hampered golfer improvement. Twenty-three years after it was first published, the contents still carry weight and make it a vital addition to the collection for any golfer serious about the game.

Stock Tour Swing

There are plenty of “systems” out there espousing ways to swing the golf club, but many take a one-model approach. That means, everyone, no matter their physical abilities or characteristics, is prescribed the same swing. In this work Tyler Ferrell lays out the commonalities of the best who who swing the golf club but also show how their are many different “pieces of the puzzle” that fit together to achieve a good end result. A well-illustrated book with plenty to process, but worthy of your time.

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