Book Look: Your Short Game Solution

Your Short Game Solution – Mastering The Finesse Game From 120 Yards And In. Author: James Sieckmann. 171 Pages – Penguin Random House

Long a fixture on the professional tours as a short game coach, James Sieckmann is highly respected for his methodology. For the most part those were his largely-guarded matters until this volume appeared five years ago.

Not a coach who draws a lot of attention to himself, this book of “secrets” has flown very much under the radar except for those among certain circles.

As a result we thought we’d bring it to light for our readers given that many of you live in climates where reading golf instruction books will be as close as you get to playing for the next while.

Part of the well-formed narrative in this book is just that, the story itself of how Sieckmann developed his skills and knowledge that eventually became sought after by some of the best players and coaches in the world. It provides the foundation before he dives into the technical aspects of what he teaches.

Readers, no matter their golfing experience will find that the information is well-presented, with plenty of facts to back his assertions and clear explanations of how you can work it into your game.

The text is well supported by informative photography. That includes identifying the most common flaws visually and showing how to correct them.

To be clear this book is all about wedge play, be it from a distance or for finesse shots, so don’t expect a lot of putting help. But that is a good thing.

As a result, Sieckmann goes deep into wedge play, resulting in a comprehensive book that is entertaining and useful for golfers and coaches alike.

It’s a no-brainer to add it to your collection if you are looking to get better with a wedge in your hand.

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