Yummy…new gear!

The influx of new golf gear is at full roar so I thought I would leave the gear heads with a little treat before the weekend arrives.

As mentioned here and on our Twitter stream we knew that an extended crop of Slotline putters was set to debut this fall and thanks to Chad Lehr, the intrepid designer and product manager we have a little preview and some details.

Last week on the Champions Tour the 692 model debuted and the 691 and 693 putters should be out there for consideration by the world’s best on September 14th.

The new models are cast from 304 stainless steel and then milled for 45 minutes to bring them to the final shape, according to Lehr who dropped the details to Flagstick via email earlier today.

Each head is fitted with a 6061 aluminum face insert that has been triple milled. Needless to say, the feel should be exceptional.

Extra stability will be provided by 15 gram heel and toe weights (30 grams total) with a total headweight at 360 grams (a lovely detail for guys like me who like to feel the clubhead).

As always the putters will feature the SLOT and LINE alignment. Standard loft will be three degrees with a 71 degree lie angle.

All this and you get a very attractive non-glare Tin-Nickel plated finish.

We’re looking forward to some live testing to give these beauties our final verdict.

Some sample pics. More at http://twitpic.com/photos/slotline

These putters will be available at retail on November 1st.



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