Ten For Giving This Holiday Season

I have had a couple emails recently from friends and spouses of golfers asking for gift giving ideas. Just to help out anybody else who might be in this boat at this time of year I thought I would put together a short list of items that might be appreciated.

You experienced golfers are likely familiar with what is written here so you can just move along and get your shopping done on your own.

Remember though, make sure your retailer has a strong exchange policy as golf clubs need to be fitted to the individual to help them achieve maximum performance.

1. NHL Putter Stick
Obviously a more popular item with the Canadian crowd, this is more than a novelty. It plays like a putter but looks like a hockey stick. Better yet you can buy one emblazoned with the logo of a favorite team.

2. Scotty Cameron Putter
Still a winner after all these years. Just about any golfer will flip when they get handed one of these. However, do a little research within the recipient’s golfing gang to find the most appropriate model.

3. Callaway FT-iQ Driver
In the face of rumors that square would disappear as far as drivers go, the FT-iQ is the next progression in the Callaway world of non-traditional shaped drivers. If your golfer likes to hit it straight it is a great option.

4. Adams Idea Pro Hybrid
Long irons? They just might be a thing of the past. Struggling and talented golfers alike find hybrids easy to hit and Adams certainly knows how to make them. It is a great default brand in this category of clubs.

5. Titleist Vokey Wedge
Another can’t miss. Along with Cleveland Golf, Titleist makes one of the most popular line of wedges in the word. Consider a gift certificate for this one as it could be hard to choose the loft and style that will meet the needs of your gift recipient.

7. TaylorMade Z TP Wedge
If your golfer is a little more on the cutting edge than they may appreciate the Z TP Wedges. The milled Z grooves are very aggressive and the smoky finish…well what else can I say? It’s pretty cool looking.

8. Nike VR Split Cavity Irons
Recently introduced these promise to be one of the most popular iron models of 2009. Combining a forgiving cavity and a traditional shape they will be perfect for just about any golfer.

9. Ping iWi Putter
PING has always been a leader in putter innovation and the iWi series continues that trend. Pick a model, any model, and you will have a happy golfer this holiday season.

10. Nike Extreme Sport Bag
Last but not least, you golfer may need a little something to hold all that gear. This light weight carry bag looks sharp, is very functional, and encourages one of the best parts of the game – walking.

Happy Holidays to you and all the golfers in your family!